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    ok, I think this is more about SAVING money than MAKING, but I stopped having sodas as soon as we decided our trip. Instead, the money for a soda or two A DAY gets thrown into a jar for WDW!!! this goes to souvenirs, since we are going next year we are saving a bit of our paycheck every week, and budgeting very very carefully!
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    I know this thread is not about entrepreneurship, per se, but it grabbed my attention...

    Starting a business is easy. Garnering sales is not. People will always support you until it comes time to actually cut the check.

    I've been self employed several times in my life (though I am not now), and while my observations may not be earth shattering, or even apt to your specific situation, I can share some lessons I have learned through my limited experience.

    1). Do not allow your want for success to override good financial sense. For example, the saying "if you build it, they will come" does not carry water. And often, this is the mistake fledgling businesses make. They spend a lot of capital in facility and advertising. And while both are important, you really need to gauge and measure their impact with a true CBA before making massive investment and hoping for sales. Most of the time it is best to allow the business to g row organically, paying very little profit at first, until I t can sustain itself. And, depending on the product or service provided, overhead can be very flexible, and may not need to include permanent or even any premises at all.

    2). Incorporate or otherwise set up your legal entity to protect yourself from personal debts, and then stick with that. Even when inconvenient.

    3). Do not borrow money or ask investment from anyone without letters of intent, and legal contracts. Avoid investments from family and close friends. Avoid bank loans until you have established revenue. Don't trust a fledgling site to anyone without oversight.

    Ok...now I realized this turned into a lecture...sorry, it is just a topic I am fond of.

    To get back on track...I pay for Disney by living well below my means. That way, when I can go, I can splurge.
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