Disneyland Resort Paris Fun Facts
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    Disneyland Resort Paris Fun Facts



    Mickey Mouse was "born" in 1928. He was originally going to be called Mortimer, but to please Walt Disney's wife Lillian, his name was changed to Mickey

    Mickey's girlfriend Minnie also came to life in 1928 and featured in the cartoon "Steamboat Willie"

    The other characters are not quite so old; Pluto was created in 1931, Goofy in 1932, Donald Duck in 1934, Daisy Duck in 1937, Huey, Louis & Dewey in 1938 and Chip 'n' Dale in 1943

    1954-55 saw the opening of Disneyland in California. In 1971, Walt Disney World Resort opened in Florida, followed by Tokyo Disneyland in 1983 and Disneyland Resort Paris in 1992


    Disneyland Resort Paris property covers 1/5 the size of Paris (1,943 hectares)

    900 hectares have been developed to date

    Over 1,000 artists work at Disneyland Resort Paris (actors, dancers, musicians, designers, decorators, seamstresses etc.)

    The oldest visitor to the Resort was 106 years old


    Sleeping Beauty's Castle is 43 metres high

    Pirates of the Caribbean features 119 state of the art Audio-Animatronics figures

    Space Mountain rockets reach a speed of 70 km per hour and one rocket is launched every 36 seconds

    There are 580,000 bricks on Main Street, U.S.A., laid out in a pattern similar to New York at the turn of the century

    225,000 light bulbs illuminate the Main Street, U.S.A. building facades


    Aerosmith stars Steven Tyler and Joe Perry re-recorded vocals and guitar riffs especially for the Rock n Roller Coaster ride. The recorded songs, including 'Love on a Roller Coaster', cannot be heard anywhere else

    Catastrophe Canyon uses 265,000 litres of water for each display and the water is recycled for each show


    There are over 150 chefs at Disneyland Resort Paris

    Disneyland Resort Paris has 68 different dining facilities including counter and table service

    4 million hamburgers are eaten each year, 20 tons of fish and seafood and 700 tons of chicken

    283 tons of chips are consumed each year

    6 million litres of Coca Cola are drunk each year


    There are 450,000 vegetation units (trees, shrubs, plants) at the Resort
    500,000 flowers are planted per year

    The Resort is home to over 12,000 trees

    Disneyland Resort Paris is the number 1 tourist destination in Europe, and incorporates two theme parks, seven themed hotels, three selected hotels and a range of dining and entertainment options. A visit to Disneyland Park offers guests the chance to discover the magic of Disney fantasy and stories in 3-D and meet their favourite Disney characters. Walt Disney Studios Park, offers an interactive, behind-the-scenes discovery of the very best in cinema, animation and television. The Resort also features the Disney Village entertainment and shopping complex and Golf Disneyland, a 27-hole golf complex.

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    Re: Disneyland Resort Paris Fun Facts

    Disney Enchanted Christmas
    Fun Facts and Figures

    The Christmas tree
    Towers 24 meters high (from the grass to the star on the top) and weighs over more than 24 tons
    Nearly 500 light bulbs illuminate the tree tinsel
    590 Christmas baubles (390 round ones and 200 byzantine shaped ones) decorate the tree
    240 various decorations (figures, candy canes, toy soldiers, drums, red bows…) hang on the branches
    The assembling of the tree takes place over one night
    23 persons (of all different types of professions) are required to help install and completely set up the tree

    The Christmas Illuminations
    From Town Square, all the way up Main Street, U.S.A. and right up to Sleeping Beauty Castle, more than 1 million lights twinkle at night fall
    Around 7 km of fairy lights are used to decorate the Main Street, U.S.A. lampposts
    Between 300,000 and 400,000 leds are needed to transform Sleeping Beauty Castle into a Cristal Castle
    3 full nights of work are necessary to lay the led lighting curtains (entertainment technical term) on the castle towers, roofs and turrets
    15 nights are planned to install all the other Christmas light overlays in the trees and firs of Critter Corral for the transformation process of the area into Disney’s Santa Claus Village
    6 nights are necessary for the dismantling of the Halloween season decorations and overlay to transform Main Street, U.S.A. for the Christmas Season

    "Dreams of Christmas" Santa Claus Float
    Santa Claus float weighs around 6 tons
    The float was built in the Paris region and represents Santa’s Sleigh, filled with presents and pulled by the reindeer, floating above clouds...
    This Parade unit is composed of 8 wooden soldiers, 18 Elves, 1 nutcracker

    Snow falling on Main Street, U.S.A.
    Throughout the day, several times a day, snow falls on Main Street, U.S.A. on background music
    810 liters of soap are used during the season to make an effect of snow

    Disney’s Santa Claus Village
    This year Disney’s Santa Claus Village will be brighter than ever: very snowy, very white, very floodlit…
    Guests will cross various places of the universe of Santa Claus: Santa Claus’ Post Office, the chalet of the Santa Claus but also the workshop of the elves of Santa Claus
    And on the Walt Disney Studios, there are also 3 chalets of which Santa Claus’ Post office
    The costumes of Santa Claus Elves (in Dreams of Christmas float in Disney’s Once Upon a Dream Parade)
    Creation of the costumes last year (2009)
    70 sets of costumes and 45 hats have been made for the elves accompanying the Santa Claus float
    The costumes were made in three different sizes to cater for the different body shapes of the performing artists
    Nearly 400 meters of different material were necessary to make these costumes
    Various accessories were sew on the costumes: 90 bobbles, 500 sleigh bells and 700 golden buttons
    A total of 180 pairs of shoes to shoe all the performers
    6 different types of Elves are performing in the Parade: Chi chi, Pom Pom, Bells, Buttons, Joker, Furry
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    Re: Disneyland Resort Paris Fun Facts

    Stitch Fun Facts

    Stitch Live features spontaneous, unscripted conversations between Guests and Experiment 626, commonly known as Stitch, from the Disney animated film "Lilo & Stitch." From his digital existence aboard a spaceship, Stitch chats, plays and jokes with Disney Guests in a unique, personalized way.

    Stitch Live represents one of Disney Imagineering's latest forays into real-time animation. Using digital projection and sophisticated, voice-activated animation, Imagineers created a new way for Disney guests to talk with Stitch.
    This next-generation attraction at Walt Disney Studios Park showcases Stitch's unique personality and spontaneity with one-of-a-kind performances.

    Stitch Live opens a new door of possibility where Disney guests and their favorite animated characters can talk, joke and play together in a way that only Disney can create.
    Stitch Live is the latest milestone in Disney's legacy of bringing characters to life in new and incredible ways.

    The only creature of his kind. Stitch, an alien, is the result of an illegal genetic experiment by the mad scientist Jumba, who simply refers to him as "Experiment 626." Although Stitch appears harmless - small, furry, six-legged - his very existence is an abomination to all that's decent in the galaxy. Jumba engineered Stitch as the ultimate fighting machine. He's abnormally strong, virtually indestructible, smarter than a supercomputer… and very mischievous. He feels compelled to destroy everything in his path and cannot resist his programming… that is, until he finds the one thing that he has never known before: what it feels like to be part of a family.

    Home, sweet home. Stitch was "born" on the planet Turo.
    Aloha! Stitch now lives with Lilo a little 7-year-old girl and her sister Nani (19 years old) on the island of Kauai in Hawaii
    After-the-film story. Although the reformed Stitch is certainly a softer, gentler creature than the mischievous demon we first meet in the feature, his naughty self can still be summoned up in good and bad situations. In general, he means to do well; but he's still learning how. He's naïve, innocent, and speaks to the point; but just like a cute puppy that turns into a digging menace when let loose in the garden, Stitch is still learning the difference between good and bad.

    Stitch's favorite color? Red. (he also likes blue because he is blue).

    Stitch's favorite book? The Ugly Duckling - (reason why - he related to the ugly ducking - he feels lost and can't find a place to fit in.)

    But can he sing? He can hula dance (he learned from Lilo) and play ukulele.

    He's undeniably indestructible! Stitch is bullet-proof, fire-proof and can think faster than super computer. He can see in the dark and move objects 3,000 times his size.

    Stitch's favorite meal? Coconut cake and coffee, but he likes pretty much any kind of food.


    Guests Joke, Play With Mischievous Star
    In Interactive 'Stitch Live!'

    Magical Experience Delights Adults, Children of All Ages

    MARNE-LA-VALLÉE, France – Guests are in for a hilarious close encounter with Stitch, the fuzzy, lovable alien from Walt Disney Pictures' hit comedy "Lilo & Stitch," in the newest interactive adventure premiering in March 2008 at Walt Disney Studios Park as part of the yearlong Celebration Continues – big time! .

    Things get a little wild when Disney Channel Studios beams into outer space for a live link-up with the mischievous Stitch. The playful alien is "live" on screen, and the audience gets to engage in live, unscripted conversations, thanks to the latest real-time computer graphics animation technology created by Walt Disney Imagineering.

    From his digital world in the galaxy, Stitch chats, plays and jokes with guests in a unique, personalized way. The fuzzy alien recognizes guests and asks them questions about themselves and the human world in the real-time, animated way.

    "Because of the interactivity and immersion of Stitch Live, the guests are the 'stars' of the production along with Stitch himself," said Tom Fitzgerald, executive vice president and senior creative executive, Walt Disney Imagineering.

    As guests enter the theater, a Space Traffic Controller scans a galactic communications screen for "active" alien traffic. Stitch is quickly summoned, and the show is never the same twice -- whether Stitch plays his guitar, dances around the bridge of Gantu's spaceship or takes digital photographs of audience members. And no matter where guests are seated, Stitch sees and engages them in non-stop banter.

    Stitch Live! opens the door to a new realm of theme park experience, letting guests and their favorite animated characters talk and play together in a way that only Disney can create. Using digital projection and sophisticated, voice-activated animation, Imagineers have created this new way to dazzle and entertain guests.
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    Re: Disneyland Resort Paris Fun Facts

    The Making Of The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™
    For Disneyland Paris

    MARNE-LA-VALLÉE, France – The classic storyline for Twilight Zone Tower of Terror™ is based on its sister attractions in other Disney parks, but there are elements that are distinctly European in the newest experience at Disneyland Paris.

    From fantastic décor to a bi-lingual (French and English) introduction, the elegant, imposing Hollywood Tower Hotel, site of the unusual "episode" of The Twilight Zone®, is a definite nod to its European surroundings.

    "The over-arching theme is the paranormal and mystical legends, which have been part of European culture since the Dark Ages," said Theron Skees, show producer for Walt Disney Imagineering. "And the abandoned hotel is very grand, very exclusive with expansive space for antiquities from all over the world."

    The stylish, beautifully detailed structure creates an immediate, haunted, otherwordly impression, appropriate to its Twilight Zone® theme. Skees and his team searched France, the United Kingdom, Holland and other European countries for thousands of authentic props. Sculptures, oil paintings and hand-forged ornamental metal and vintage clothing for shop windows, for instance, all were found in Paris. Nearly 4,000 used books for the libraries (there are two) came from French bookstores.

    The lobby features an extensive array of period pros and furniture that creates an era of Hollywood splendor. Magazines and newspapers from the 1930s are casually placed just where the guests left them. At the front desk, a set of luggage remains where a guest was about to register. On a table, a deck of cards, a cribbage board, two cups of tea... all carefully placed to indicate that the people in the lobby left in a hurry without a thought of taking anything with them – and never came back.

    "We worked with companies that design for chateaus and famous locations throughout Europe, and the level of craftsmanship is extraordinary," said Skees. "Ornamental metal, custom-made tables, elegant draperies, upholstery, carpet – all the fabrics are fantastic," he continued.

    And Europe was easy for sourcing handmade objects from the South Pacific, Africa and Asia, said Skees. Since the Walt Disney Imagineering storyline for the attractions tells that the hotel owners were avid collectors of antiquities, no collectible was out of bounds.

    Props from the United States also are part of the mix. The hotel's Pueblo Deco style, popular when the hotel was built in the 1920s, borrows elements from Southwestern Native American art such as radial sunbursts, arrowhead shapes and simplified thunderbird motifs. "We thought it would be exotic for Europeans to see collectibles that are distinctly American, so guests will spot drums, arrows and tomahawks on the library shelves," said Skees.

    In Holland, Skees' team found a collector of Americana whose extensive stash included everything from embossed road signs and parking meters to movie and travel posters from the 1950s and old-fashioned mannequins with sculpted hair.

    The hotel's boiler room is especially rich in prop and set details that suggest an actual working facility, from the time clock to the maintenance man's desk filled with photos and personal effects. Oil cans, calendars and postcards from the 1930s and 1940s, and glasses, pipes, cigarette cases, ashtrays and old issues of magazines re-create a bygone era. "There is nothing to distract the guests from the theme" said Skees.

    The Walt Disney Studios park is designed like a movie set, and Hollywood Boulevard is an idealized version of Hollywood in the 1950s.

    "The Hollywood Tower Hotel has been in the 'neighborhood' since the 1930s," said Skees. "The attraction tells of a specific place and time, and a specific incident, and that makes the experience much more tangible."

    And one thing is certain, said Skees – every time guests return, they will see things they did not see before.
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