Help our sister site Disney Reviews and we will give you 250 extra credits! Add a item to our site that is not currently listed and we will give you 250 credits!


1 - Find a attraction, restaurant or item that fits in one of the existing categories that is not listed at Disney Reviews.

2 - Click on the Suggest An Item Link on the main page.

3 - Choose the category and sub category that your item fits into. Example if you are adding Expedition Everest you would choose
Theme Parks
... Animal Kingdom

4 - Fill in the review section as much as possible.
~ Vendor = Choose the closest match to your item. For example you are adding expedition everest so vendor would be attraction.

~ Item Name = The name of the item you are adding

~ Description = A good description of the item. Can be found at EXAMPLE Take on the treacherous terrain of the towering Forbidden Mountain in this high-altitude, high-speed train adventure. Nail-biting hairpin turns hurl you forward toward the peak and then, just when you think it couldn't get more thrilling - backward! The mountain's full of surprises: Beware the snarling beast who watches over his domain... the Yeti!

~ Item SKU = Leave Blank

~ External Linkage = Leave Blank

~ Image = If you have a good image of the item add it here.

5 = PM ME with the item you added so I can check it and award credits. PM HERE

If more than one person adds the same item the one that has more information and a better description will be awarded the points.