Alice in Wonderland
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    Alice in Wonderland

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    Description: Alice in Wonderland is a dark ride in Fantasyland at Disneyland park. Based on the animated Disney adaptation of the same name, the attraction resides next to a second ride, the Mad Tea Party, based on a scene in that same adaptation. The presence of two rides based on the film is unusual in that audience reception to the 1951 film was generally negative, and even Walt Disney himself said he regretted making it because it lacked a connection to the audience's hearts.

    The ride follows the path of the movie, as the riders (as Alice) follow the White Rabbit down the Rabbit Hole into Wonderland. They spin through scenes in a madcap fashion, facing the wrath of angry flowers on a golden afternoon and dodging absurd creatures in the forest, with some questionable guidance from the Cheshire Cat. When the Queen of Hearts loses to Alice at croquet, she threatens to chop off the innocent girl's head as she (and the ride vehicles) push their way through brigades of playing cards. The vehicles then leave the ride building's second floor (a rare occurrence in a non-thrill ride at a Disney park) and descends by people waiting in line on a winding giant lilly pad, before heading to the climatic scene at the Mad Tea Party. The White Rabbit ducks as a giant birthday cake with a dynamite candle explodes and the ride vehicles escape back to where they began. Alice herself is only seen in the singing flower garden hidden behind a leaf to the visitor's right.

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