Disneyland Matterhorn in HD
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    Disneyland Matterhorn in HD

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    Description: The Matterhorn Bobsleds or the Matterhorn is an attraction made up of two intertwining steel roller coasters at Disneyland in Anaheim, California. It is based on the Matterhorn, a mountain in the Swiss Alps of over 14,000 feet (it's exactly 4,478 metres), which has been scaled back to 1/100-scale to fit in with the rest of Disneyland. It is the first tubular steel track roller coaster ever constructed and thus an ACE Coaster Landmark.

    Located on the borderline between Tomorrowland and Fantasyland, it employs forced perspective to seem more impressively large. Throughout the day, Disney characters such as Mickey Mouse and Goofy, aided by two climbers dressed as Swiss mountain climbers, may be seen scaling the supposedly arduous peak. The mountain climbers themselves can often be seen scaling the peak.

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