WEDway Peoplemover and Star Jets
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    WEDway Peoplemover and Star Jets

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    Description: The WEDWay PeopleMover opened on July 1, 1975, based on the first prototype PeopleMover at Disneyland in California. Because it did not utilize the propulsion system of rotating Goodyear tires used in the original, (instead using linear synchronous motors), Goodyear opted not to sponsor the east coast version. The Edison Electric Institute was the original sponsor of the ride. The original narration track was provided by longtime Disney voice, Jack Wagner. In June 1985, his narration was replaced by the voice of ORAC One - "The Commuter Computer".

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    Re: WEDway Peoplemover and Star Jets

    OMG!! I'm worryingly over-excited about this video!

    I love the Peoplemover - one of the best rides at WDW!

    I've just watched the first 3 minutes but as I'm at work, I can't sit here watching the rest (unfortunately!).

    Now I have something to look forward to tonight.

    Thanks Ryan - great post!

    ps. is it home time yet???
    There's a great big beautiful tomorrow
    Just a dream away!


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    Re: WEDway Peoplemover and Star Jets

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    Re: WEDway Peoplemover and Star Jets

    Dont forget as a premie you get to watch and download with No credits.

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    Re: WEDway Peoplemover and Star Jets

    I love the People Mover. It is such a great ride to go on when you need to unwind a little bit but don't want to waste a minute of the magic of WDR.


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