What's a good budget for us?
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    Smile What's a good budget for us?

    Hi! I'm new and would like some advice.

    Here are just the quick basics.

    - It'll be me, DH, DD4, and DS who will be going on 5 months at the time.
    - We'll be driving down from PA, leaving home May 22. Check-in isn't until May 24 and check-out will be May 31. We are Wyndham members so our hotel is already paid for with our points.
    - We will stay overnight somewhere on the way down.
    - DS obviously won't be eating regular food, so he's taken care of and DD is extremely picky so will most likely share food with us as usual (I swear I don't remember the last time I purchased her her own meal at a restaurant and whatnot).
    - As far as gas, I already used one of those fuel cost calculators for our minivan and it will be approx. $240 round-trip.
    - We're buying our tickets in advance from Undercover Tourist, so that'll be taken care of.
    - We already have $600 in Disney Gift Cards to use between DH and I. They're divided into 12 $50 gift cards. So we're talking about $50 per person per day. We want to use these for food. We're CS people. We might "sit down" for dinner once, maybe twice....and we're not even sure if it's gonna be on Disney property.

    Anything I'm missing? I know for a fact we won't do many souvenirs. MAYBE $150 - $200 AT MOST. We like to be frugal, but also realistic at the same time.
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    Re: What's a good budget for us?

    Quote Originally Posted by sweetea25 View Post
    Anything I'm missing? We like to be frugal, but also realistic at the same time.
    Parking? Strollers (bring your own, I just read the doubles are up to $31 a day, yikes!)
    I assume you already have tickets. If not, there are some pretty good deals using reputable online vendors.
    Enjoy your trip!

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    Re: What's a good budget for us?

    Water, you def want to keep everybody hydrated, but really the little ones will need lots of water, it can be expensive in the parks, so bring your own bottles or plan on spending more money, years ago it was $10 gone just for a bottle each, we did use the water fountains to fill up the bottles. Might want to check into the flavor pkts that are so popular now, they sure will help with the flavor of the water.

    Snacks, the 4 yr old may not eat regular meals and eat from your plate, which my kids still do, and they are 16 and 20 yrs, but she may want snacks. I got in the habit of carrying little zip lock bags of cereal or granola bars. Since you will be carrying around a diaper bag, I am sure throwing in a few snacks will not be an issue. I even used to make P&J sandwiches when they were really little, I always knew they would eat that and not hard to transport either in zip bags.

    That is all I can think of just now, just know you will either pay for the things mentioned in the parks or plan and take with so save a little.
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    Re: What's a good budget for us?

    Diapers? I read somewhere that disney only has a small selection of sizes (I think it was the medium size 4 maybe) They can be expensive. I would stock up at my local wholesale club befor I left. You are very brave to drive so far with two small kids! Have a great trip and let us know how everything turns out.
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    Hi! We drove from CT on our last trip & I ordered an EZ pass on line before our trip- had our tolls budgeted & paid for ahead of time, but also saved on time having to stop at toll booths.

    If you can, do some driving at night while the kids are sleeping- makes it mire bearable ESP, the way home.

    I ordered a filtered water bottle (the bopple- I think it's called) on amazon before the trip to refill at water fountains, the water wasn't the "normal" taste my kids were used to.

    There Is a supertarget in Orlando (very cool) with a BJs right next to it, that we stopped at and stocked up on snacks, hygiene products etc.

    Bring a small thing of laundry soap if you plan on doing clothes.

    Definitely bring your own stroller. Of use orlandostrollerrentals.com

    HAVE FUN & take lots of pictures!

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