Celebration Roundup BBQ
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    Celebration Roundup BBQ

    has anyone been to the new Celebration BBQ at DL? Toystory is my sons favorite so I'm thinking of adding it to our trip.


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    Re: Celebration Roundup BBQ

    My husband & I went last year. If we had younger kids, it would be okay, but we went, just the two of us. The food is all right, but we really got full fast, they keep filling up your drinks, and I don't know, it's just okay. I like the location, you kind of feel like you're away from the crowd and the entertainment is corny, but we're probably not going to eat there this year.

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    We really like it there and go every time we visit. The chicken is awesome, ribs are pretty good. Coleslaw and corn bread is great, beans are typical. It's casual and service is quick as the menu is consistent with all patrons. Vegetarian option was available, we got vegetarian skewers which were pretty good. Entertainment is more for smaller children but fun nevertheless.

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