How I Pay for My Disney Habit
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    How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    Don't know if anyone can use my method but I save $5 bills. I never spend them. I also take every bundle of 10 $1 bills out of my wallet and put them in my stash. I have envelopes labelled with whatever special Disney trips I'm planning. I NEVER touch that money. I save quarters and that can be used for whatever comes along... a new collectible, last minute DLR trip,... whatever. I've been doing this for years. I don't miss this money at all and it keeps my purse weighing less... In these hard economic times I find this type of saving even more advantageous. It takes a little discipline but it works! And my Disney habit doesn't suffer too much.

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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    One of my friends does something similar. She never uses her loose change. She just puts it in a bag and leaves it there until the bag is full. Then she takes it to one of those coin counters and cashes it in.

    As you say, it's a little thing, and you don't even notice its day-to-day impact until you cash in. WOW does it add up!

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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    That's a good idea!
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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    I would love to be able to earn Disney Dollars or Gift Cards but in South Africa it is not offered..... :-(
    We have started putting our R5 coins into a box for our Disney Trip and also any money we get for birthdays etc in as well. As soon as I have enough I bank it into a seperate bank account that earns interest. Will be my Husband's first trip to WDW!!!

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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    I also do loose change and I save our soda cans and cash them in these go into a saving with ing that earns .80 APY and we change our Bday money and other holiday money into gift cards : )
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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    I whack it on the long-suffering credit card!

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    This is a great thread. I am saving small amounts of cash. These are all great ideas.
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    We save all our change in a big bucket. We also get reward points on our Disney Chase Card. Plus, the credit card we put all our gasoline on gives us 3% back, so we'll cash those out too.
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    We literally have a piggy bank that we put our loose change and dollar bills in.

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    We use our tax return, plus we go once every five years, so we have plenty of time to save.
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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    I have an automatic payment made directly to Disney every paycheck, it will have the balance paid prior to due date and I never notice it missing. I just do the automatic withdrawl when I write the deposit in.

    We then have my DH boss take $50 a paycheck into a vacation account. We started at the 180 day point. So when we go we will have our spending money!

    No credit card debt!! Yeah!
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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    We are planning on going to WDW in May 2013. We'll use the money we've saved for our Nov/Dec 2012 trip (which we are going to cancel) and we'll have the bonus of being able to use some of my 'sell-back' money. At the end of the year, I am able to sell back up to 280 hours of time. I receive the check in March. I avoid using credit cards for Disney. It's sad enough to leave Disney, I would hate to have the ongoing reminder that I'm not there any more (credit card bill).
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    Re: How I Pay for My Disney Habit

    I haven't been keeping up and putting my loose change in my disney coffee can...I need to start again! Any little bit will help for the trip!
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    How do you save for your Disney trip?

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    I get paid weekly, so what I like to do is start planning 6 months before. and put 100$ week a way into savings.
    I was small when we went these years
    I was 8 years old when i start remebering more
    im 21 now in 2011 me and my wife start going alone.

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