AKL with a toddler?
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    AKL with a toddler?

    hi all,

    We booked a stay for early Dec with our son who will be 2. I'm wondering what kind of activities we will be able to entertain him with while we are at the Lodge itself- any experience with the playground there? I know they have a kid club but I think the kids have to be 4 or older. I'm just wondering what we can do when he gets up at 6:30 and mom or dad wants to sleep a little longer so one of us takes him out of the room. Thanks!

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    Re: AKL with a toddler?

    AKL is actually my favorite place to stay right now! We stayed there when my daughter was 2 and son was 4, and we all loved it. There are tons of activities going on during the day...there was enough, in fact, that I was disappointed that we didn't plan on staying at the hotel one day to do them all! The kids loved watching the flamingos get fed, learning how different animals eat (using water and sparkles!), etc. As far as 6:30 in the morning, you can always go out to the savanna and see if the animals are out. I think they start serving breakfast at the Mara early, so that's an option for keeping him occupied as well...and if I remember correctly, there was a tv in the Mara too, so he could always watch a disney cartoon while the other parent is sleeping a little. Overall, I loved this hotel. We're going back there in February and I can't wait! Hope you have a great trip!

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    Re: AKL with a toddler?

    does the animal kingdom lodge have interconecting rooms ?
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