Favorite Charecter
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    Favorite Charecter

    If you love a Disney Charecter post who they are and why you like them.Thnx for looking at my post.

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    I got to go with two...
    1. Flynn Rider, well hmmm why do I like him? Uh.. He is the perfect man I hope I can find someday! (well aside from the thief thing haha) he's funny and sweet and manly ya know?

    2. Belle, I relate to her. I see a lot of myself in her

    Who's your favorite?

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    Re: Favorite Charecter

    I love all the classic characters!!! I can not just choose one!!

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    wilbur robinsons....keep moving forward!

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    Re: Favorite Charecter

    We got asked this by our guide on the Keys to the Kingdom tour in MK. I suddenly realised, I don't really have a favorite. I certainly don't watch Disney cartoons (they're not even shown on TV much over here).

    All I could think was Chip and Dale - just bacause of their naughty nature.

    If I was allowed Pixar characters too though, I'd have to say Rex in Toy Story - he's excellent!

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