Should the Adventurers Club be Saved?

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    Should the Adventurers Club be Saved?

    After reading the story in our news section
    I thought I would ask the qustion to our members, Should the Adventurers Club be saved?

    I always loved going to this night club for a lot of fun on an evening out.
    At the time of it's closing their were a lot of rumors about it being dismantled and rebuilt somewhere else on Disney property. In the parking lot of the AK was one of the rumors.
    Should this be the one nightclub saved or should it dissolve into dust?
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    Re: Should the Adventurers Club be Saved?

    I voted that it was time to go. I never really liked the idea of Disney having a "bar scene" on property.

    Having said that, I have to tell you that no, I don't believe having a bar breeds alcoholics. That's just plain stupid thinking. But it does tend to attract a more rowdy group. We went in 2005 and 2007 and both times we went the crowd was very... "rough and loud" near PI. But in 2008 and this past trip, since PI has closed, the crowds had gotten a lot more subdued. I think it is far better now and I truly hope they don't bring any of the nightclubs back. I know that some of you would reply with "well it wasn't like that when we were there". And I think that's great for you but it was like that for us.

    And by the way, I am not simply speaking out of ignorance here either. I have been a nightclub "bouncer" and I am now a Rehabilitation Specialist dealing with drug and alcohol offenders in this counties correctional institution. I can see it from all angles and having a nightclub in a family oriented spot is a bad idea. And having many nightclubs clustered together is a tragedy waiting to happen. I know, I know, nothing bad ever happened before right? Pure luck is all that was.

    Remember, just because some people went to PI for fun and left mostly sober and did not cause trouble, doesn't mean others wouldn't or haven't.
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    Re: Should the Adventurers Club be Saved?

    We've been into the Adventurers Club once after my parents raved about it but we just didn't get it.

    The whole "zany" thing was lost on us - wrong type of humour (for us anyway) I reckon.

    From the limited amount we did see though, the Adventurers Club seemed more of an entertainment spot that served drinks than a full-on bar and, as it seemed very popular, I think it'd be a shame to see it go completely.

    Having said that, other than PI, where would you put it? AKL seems to remote for the Club to be successful, AK would close too early and it wouldn't fit at the Boardwalk.

    Maybe build a new land in Epcot (please!) and put it in there as a restaurant/bar?
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