Downtown Disney DL!!!
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    Downtown Disney DL!!!

    How does Downtown in DL compare with Downtown in WDW??? We were disappointed with WDW during our recent visit! Missed Adventurers' Club and Virgin Mega Store has closed 8:0(! There just
    didn't seem as much to do! Apart from the Marketplace, for us the rest of Downtown in WDW has lost its magic! XXX

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    Re: Downtown Disney DL!!!

    DTD at DL is much smaller, but if you stay at a Disney resort, you can walk out the back and be in DTD (which is different from WDW). They still have the World of Disney store (just smaller).

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    I think fore I prefer the DD in DL just because of the distance from the Disneyland Hotel to DD and then straight into the parks. It may be smaller but is packed with just as much fun as DD WDW. But how I have never been to DD WDW I really wouldn't know the comparison of the 2,bit I do know that WDW is much more bigger and not really a place I would feel comfortable taking my family. My daughter has autism and one time she got lost at DL, I could never imagine her getting lost at WDW. That being said I'm good with visiting DL although smaller but just as fun!!

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    Re: Downtown Disney DL!!!

    We've been to both, I'd say for the size DD in DL is well done, a decent number of store fronts and it seems full of people. In WDW, the DD has had shops come and go and sadly the Adventurers club is long gone but the sheer size is what is cool at WDW.

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    Re: Downtown Disney DL!!!

    I liked the WDW DD but the location for me kinda °°°°°°. It's kinda off by it's own with some hotels and Saratoga Springs, but it's not too near the parks from what I recall. As mentioned before, DD in Anaheim is laid out really well, and if you're staying at Paradise Pier or Dland Hotels, you have to walk through DD to get to both park entrances. And the Grand Californian is pretty much right ON DD, with some rooms overlooking it. It feels more like part of the parks. Size is definitely smaller and not quite as many shops, but it's nice. I must admit, I do like that WDW DD has La Nouba, the Cirque du Soleil show. One of their better shows I think.

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    I prefer DD in DLC! 8:0) XXX

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