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    I personally have an iPad and love the iBooks. But, if I didn't have an iPad, I would probably get the Nook. I do a lot of my reading before bed because it helps me go to sleep. I like to have something lit up so I don't keep my husband (I need to get used to calling him that) awake. Also, I like that the Nook is in color and I'm almost sure that the Kindle doesn't.
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    Quote Originally Posted by OswaldLuva

    Actually, you don't need a data plan for an iPad. I have one and mine is wifi only, so I don't have to pay the monthly payments. So, even if your on sprint, you can still get an iPad without 3G. And no, you do not need a service plan to go on the Internet. If you get an wifi only iPad, you just need wifi to search the Internet, get apps, etc.
    Also you can have an iPad with 3G and wifi and only pay for Internet when you go out of town etc. Theres no monthly contract. Pay as you need.
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    I have the Kindle touch and love it! I also have an iPad and have the kindle app on that as well.
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    I have an iPad and a kindle fire. The iPad is great as a mini laptop but if outside it is hard to read in sunlight plus it is heavy. I have the kindle mainly for reading since it is lighter and smaller.

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    Re: Nook or Kindle????

    I bought myself the kindle touch and love it, I also found a site where I get free books. I will upgrade to the kindle fire for the color eventually but am happy with the touch for now so much so I bought one for my daughter too.
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