Joy of Tea - Counter- China - EPCOT
Updated 02/07/11
S $


Selection of Ice Cream - Choose from Green Tea and Caramel Ginger ice cream. - $2.99


Hot Chinese Tea - Choose from Ginseng-oolong, Jasmine, Dragon Well, and Decaffeinated green tea. - $3.19

Non-alcoholic Flavored Tea - Strawberry Oolong Tea Slush or Mango Green Tea Slush. - $3.79

Selection of Beer and Wine - Choose from Tsing Tao bottled beer or pure draft, Macau beer, and Plum wine $4.49. - $5.75

Selection of Bottled Beverages - Bottled Green or Oolong tea (no sugar added) $2.99, Dasani bottled water $2.00, and canned soda (Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, or Fanta) $1.59

Selection of Flavored Iced Teas - Flavored iced Oolong tea: Peach or Chocolate with coffee jam and Flavored iced gree tea: Lemon-lychee or mango. - $3.79

Selection of Flavored Teas with Alcohol - Peach Oolong Tea Schnapps Slush or Green Tea Plum Wine Slush - $7.50

TD Tip: Located at China. Great for our tea lovers