Artist's Palette - Saratoga Springs - Counter
Updated 02/20/11
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Hours: 7:30am- 11:00pm


Breakfast Croissant Sandwich - Scrambled eggs, bacon and American cheese served on a flakey croissant. Price varies.

Breakfast Flatbread - Our signature flatbread topped with sausage gravy, scrambled eggs and crumbled bacon, garnished with cheese. Price varies.

Breakfast Platter - Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, breakfast potatoes and a biscuit. Price varies.

Mickey Waffles - Adult serving contains one large Mickey waffle and bacon. Price varies.

Omelets - Freshly prepared omelets, with your choice of cheese, ham & cheese, or Western-style with peppers. Price varies.


Lunch and Dinner


Caesar Salad - Romaine lettuce hearts, caesar dressing, parmesan and asiago cheese and ciabatta croutons. Available with grilled chicken breast. - $7.79

House Salad - Field greens, dried cranberries and blueberries, apples, and honey-roasted walnuts tossed with lemon-poppy seed dressing and crispy ciabatta croutons - $7.49

Selection of Home Style Soups - Choose from a variety of home style soups. - $2.49

Spinach & Bleu Cheese Salad - Grape tomatoes, strawberry vinaigrette and crispy ciabatta croutons on a bed of baby spinach with bleu cheese crumbles. - $7.49

Main Menu

BBQ Pork Flatbread - Pulled pork, apple-cinnamon BBQ sauce and cheese served with Jicama and apple slaw. - $7.99

Cheese Flatbread - Made with tomato sauce and cheese. Price varies.

Chef's Dinner Specials - Monday, Wednesday & Friday (available after 5:00pm) - Lemon-rosemary rotisserie chicken with garlic mashed potatoes and corn. Price varies.

Chef's Dinner Specials - Sunday & Tuesday (available after 5:00pm) - Cheese-stuffed meatloaf with broccoli, garlic mashed potatoes and tomato mushroom gravy. Price varies.

Chef's Dinner Specials - Thursday & Saturday (available daily after 5:00pm) - Chicken alfredo with penne pasta, sun-dried tomatoes, spinach, pine nuts and basil. Price varies.

Chicken breast nuggets - Served with Saratoga Springs chips. - $7.69

Chicken, Spinach & Artichoke Flatbread - Chicken breast, artichoke hearts, and baby spinach with alfredo sauce and cheese. - $8.29

Pepperoni Flatbread - Made with tomato sauce, pepperoni slices and cheese. - $8.29

Roast Beef & Bleu Sandwich - Thinly sliced roast beef, creamy horseradish, balsamic onions, crumbled bleu cheese, and field greens tossed with bleu cheese dressing. - $9.19

Roasted Vegetable Flatbread - Balsamic onions, zucchini, bell peppers, and portobello mushrooms topped with cheese and brushed with roasted garlic oil. - $8.29

Roasted Vegetable Sandwich - Wild bean hummus, red and yellow peppers, portobello mushroom, caramelized onions, and zucchini with balsamic vinaigrette. - $7.29

Smoked Turkey & Brie Sandwich - Sliced smoked turkey, brie cheese, fresh arugula with a Chambord-cranberry mayo. - $8.89

Smoked Turkey Caesar Sandwich - Sliced smoked turkey, romaine lettuce tossed with caesar dressing, and shredded parmesan cheese. - $7.29


The Artist's Palette
Kids Menu


Kids' Breakfast Platter - Scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, and grapes. Price varies.

Kids' Mickey Waffles - Two mini Mickey waffles, bacon, and grapes. Price varies.


Lunch and Dinner

Chicken Nuggets or Mac n Cheese - For young artists 9 and under, served with Mickey cheddar crackers and apple slices. - $4.99

PB & J Uncrustable or Mini Hotdogs - For young artists 9 and under, served with Mickey cheddar crackers and apple slices. - $4.99

TD Tip : Artist's Palette also offers a Grab-n-Go area for people in a hurry.