Other hidden mickeys
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    Other hidden mickeys

    This thread is inspired by the many hidden Mickey threads on TD. But this one is different... What hidden mickeys have you seen that have nothing to do with Disney ie: in your home/car, at other theme parks, or just in nature. Do you have pictures? Give us as much info as possible!!!

    I have hidden mickeys on my shower curtain. It is monkeys in the jungle and some coconuts and flowers are in the shape of the classic hidden Mickey.

    So where are your personal hidden mickeys????

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    My friends cat's nose is the shape of a hidden mickey. It's adorable!! Unfortunately, I don't have a picture but glad to share! Lol
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    Good thread! My cat's bum sports a classic Hidden Mickey. It's quite profound and unmistakable. If I can, I will try to post a pic. Funny, anytime my kids see three circles in a certain pattern, it's a Hidden Mickey. I am raising them right!

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    I just realized that if i strategically place My wedding ring and wedding band a certain way it becomes a hidden Mickey! Omgosh
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    My mom has three moles/freckles on her arm that form a HM. When I was little, I used to say it was a clue (from Blue's Clues) but now, it's a HM. Haha. She also has a birthmark on her other arm and part of it is in the shape of a HM.

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    Re: Other hidden mickeys

    I know where 3 are in my living room. We sponged painted the walls & put them in,plus I carved mickey shaps in the flower garden stones.

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    My sister's German Shepard has a black hidden Mickey on her tongue. So cute!
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    My dad had taken disney coloring book pages and drew them on my wall there is a hidden mickey in Casey jr.'s smoke, coming out from the engin

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    My phone case is badazzled in different colors.... somehow 3 colors ended up next to each other in the shape of a Mickey Head

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