Welcome to the Mission: Disney Forum!
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    Welcome to the Mission: Disney Forum!

    Welcome to the Mission: Disney Forum!

    The Talk Disney Team has formed a new idea to aid, inform, and entertain our members and readers on all things Disney.

    What is it all about?

    Instead of writing a trip report, members and team members will write about a specific place or viewpoint on an assigned topic.

    Now for the fun part: We need your help!

    The Talk Disney Team has formed an idea called "Mission: Disney." We will post assignments that TD members and team members can volunteer to write about. This will allow you to join our column!

    This is not meant to replace trip reports. We still
    love to read them! This is a way for TD members to relate how we found a certain place or idea based on opinion and personal experience.

    Members are not allowed to post their own assignment in this forum. However, you will be able to respond to most of them.

    Assignments will be given out by the TD Team. After you have written your assignment you will submit it by PM’ing it to a team member listed on our assignment list. We will give your story
    a thread of its own and will give you credit for writing it. Call it a byline if you wish. The TD Team will not take credit for your story!

    No story will be accepted or read by the team if it was not first assigned by us!

    You should be aware that your story will be open for other members to comment on.

    A link on the front page of Talk Disney will let you know of the latest thread.

    All Disney parks around the world, Disney cruises, Disney
    Vacation Club resorts/stays, etc. may be covered.

    Our assignment list can be found by clicking on this link.

    What is an assignment?

    An assignment is a duty that members can volunteer to perform on their WDW vacations, then write an informative and entertaining report about it.

    We will post a list of assignments in another thread (see above link). This list will have topics such as, Haunted Mansion for Kids, Dining with Special Diet Needs, The Lego Imagination Center, etc. You will get the idea when you see the list.

    We ask that you will be visiting the parks within 3 months of accepting an assignment so that we can have some idea of when to expect it.

    Members can suggest an idea that they would like to add to the list or would like to write about. You can request an idea without writing about it. This will be added to the list by the TD Team.

    Only one idea or request for a new assignment will be accepted per month. All other requests by you cannot be accepted.


    We need to set some rules.

    Only one assignment will be given to a member at a time.
    You can try but it won’t work!

    Once you have an assignment, the TD Team will let you know that you are selected.

    The first member to request that assignment will get it. We will go by the time stamp of the post.

    Going off topic in your report will not be acceptable.

    If you choose to accept an assignment, it will be highlighted in red on the list with the name of the member who will undertake the writing. This will show others that it is no longer available. You cannot take another member's assignment.

    Please proofread your stories. Stories that cannot be read will be returned for editing and spell checked

    Members who add to another thread with their own trip report will be deleted. We have the trip report forum for that. You can still agree or disagree or comment.

    All pictures and stories must be your own! No cut/paste from another source will be allowed . No links to another website are allowed.


    The Talk Disney Team reserves the right to have more than one assignment at a time for team members.

    Talk Disney reserves the right to deny posting any assignment that we deem improper.

    Talk Disney has the right to edit any article for length , content, or questionable content.

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    Re: Welcome to the Mission: Disney Forum!

    Great idea! I love this! Looking forward to reading the missions and hopefully posting one of my own........when I get my next trip planned!
    Sept.2007, All Star Music Resort(1st trip to WDW)
    Sept.2008, All Star Movies Resort
    Aug.-Sept.2009, Port Orleans Riverside (1st Moderate)
    Oct.2013, Pop Century

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