Mission: Honeymoon!
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    Mickey Mission: Honeymoon!

    Presenting the very first Mission: Disney assignment report...


    "Mission: Honeymoon"
    Reported by Curious Alice

    How lucky am I to get married to a man who loves going to WDW, too! He not only agreed to a WDW honeymoon, but he really looked forward to it.

    I have never been crazy about wedding registries, but we were combining our many years’ worth of belongings and did not need more toasters, more glasses, more towels, or more anything! But we had to give our friends and family some kind of idea of what to give us as a wedding present. So imagine my excitement when I found out that Disney offers a honeymoon registry!

    I signed up right away and starting browsing all of the different options in the Disney Honeymoon Registry. I could create my own wish list or choose a particular honeymoon style that gives me suggestions. The five honeymoon styles are Adventurous, Relaxing, Luxurious, Distinctly Disney, and Exotic.

    Since I wanted my vacation to have a little of everything, I decided to make my choices individually to create my own eclectic wish list.

    There are eight categories to choose from: Dining, Accommodations, Spa, Recreation, Nightlife, Tickets, Merchandise, and Fantasy Funds.

    Being passholders, we didn’t need to buy tickets. We were planning to stay at Port Orleans Riverside (POR), so I found the resort listing in the Accommodations section. It is sold in increments of $100, meaning that’s the minimum someone can buy for that item. A person can buy as many increments as he or she wants. We figured $600 should cover our stay since we were using the passholder discount, so I put in a request for six increments. Other categories offer items with less expensive increments depending on the item. I went through the rest of the catalogue choosing restaurants, merchandise, snacks, and recreation.

    A couple of weeks after registering, I received a beautiful sparkly Disney Honeymoon Registry credit card in the mail. Here’s the really interesting thing. No matter what people buy for you, the money winds up as a lump sum on this credit card that you can use any way you want on Disney property! This only gets awkward after your trip when someone asks how you liked the boat ride she bought for you, but in reality you spent the money on drinks at the Tune-In Lounge. Have your excuses ready!

    I made our resort and restaurant reservations, making sure to note that we were celebrating our honeymoon in every reservation. This is important if you hope to get special perks, though nothing is guaranteed.

    My next job was a covert mission to procure bride and groom mouse ears. I kept them a secret from my husband-to-be until the honeymoon. I figured if I could get him to wear them for at least a couple of photos, that would be fine. (As it turned out, he wore them almost the entire time!)

    Disney sells a couple different styles of bride and groom mouse ears. I had a strong preference and didn’t want to risk not finding the right ones in the parks, so I ordered ahead of time.

    Bridal headbands are white headbands with Minnie ears that are covered in pearly white sequins. In between the ears is a fluffy white tulle bow with a pretty little pink rose in the center. It has a long, flowing white veil in the back. This is the one I bought for myself. It’s the more “elegant” of the two styles, in my opinion. There was a rumor going around that these ears are no longer available, but this is just a rumor. You can easily find them at many of the WDW stores that sell ears. (See attached photos below.)

    Bridal caps are a white version of the old fashioned Mickey Mouse beanie. The cap itself is covered with a delicate textured design. It is dotted with silver rhinestones and has a tiara between the shiny white plastic ears. There is a short, white veil in the back. To see it, go here: Personalized Rhinestone Bride Minnie Mouse Ear Hat | Ear Hats | ProductDetailPage | Disney Store

    For the groom, there’s a big, black top hat with black Mickey ears sticking out on the side. This “debonair” hat is a nice complement to the “elegant” bridal headband. I bought this hat, which made my husband look like the Fred Astaire of the mouse world. (See attached photo below.)

    For those who prefer the beanie-style ears, the other groom hat is a black classic Mickey beanie with a little faux tuxedo on the front of the cap and a tiny top hat in between the ears. To see it, go here: Personalized Tuxedo Groom Mickey Mouse Ear Hat | Ear Hats | ProductDetailPage | Disney Store

    All things planned and arranged, it was finally time for the honeymoon. Our Disney Honeymoon Registry credit card was so full, we hardly paid for anything from our own bank accounts during the entire honeymoon!

    On the day after our wedding, we covered the car in “Just Married” stickers and drove up from Fort Lauderdale to Orlando, arriving at the POR just before 3pm. Even though our honeymoon should have shown up in the reservation, I had to ask the check-in Cast Member (CM) for honeymoon buttons. He happily obliged. These buttons are usually available at the resort check-on counters or at Guest Relations in each park. Don’t forget to get them, as they could lead to extra perks. (See attached photo below.)

    The room wasn’t quite ready, so we took a stroll through the beautiful, romantic grounds of the resort. We walked by the Surrey Bikes and decided it was something romantic that we should do. Unfortunately, we never got around to it. After we got our room keys, we stopped at Fulton’s General Store, where I bought a Minnie and Mickey wedding pin to add to my pin collection. We went to our room, unpacked, and tried on our bride and groom ears, laughing when we saw each other. Sure they’re silly, but this is Disney, where silliness rules!

    Wearing the ears was fun; we got so much attention! CMs shouted their congratulations at us everywhere we went, and guests offered to take our picture with our camera. Little girls got really excited when they saw us. I saw a couple of little ones simultaneously pointing at my ears, tugging on their mommy’s shirts, and begging, “I want one!” A couple of not-so-nice teenage girls giggled and pointed at us (as if we didn’t know how ridiculous we looked!).

    We wore our ears for most of the trip. For the classic WDW photos, such as on Main Street with Cinderella’s Castle in the background, we took two photos—one with our bride and groom ears and one without. It turned out to be a very good idea when I was putting together our honeymoon scrapbook and deciding which photos to share with different friends and family.

    The Flower and Garden Festival was in full swing, making Epcot burst with color. It’s a great time to be there when you’re honeymooning. Romance was everywhere, with topiaries of Cinderella, Beauty and the Beast, Lady and the Tramp, and much more.

    In the parks I used a large, flat, cross-body bag made by Baggallini. I could easily slip my ears into it when I was going on a big ride. My husband was able to stash his hat the same way you stash a shopping bag when you go on rides. We wore the ears on tame rides like Buzz Lightyear’s Space Rangers Spin, which made a cute picture. We have an even cuter picture from Test Track. We had a planned kiss at the very moment they take your picture, as you’re flying through the doors to the speed track!

    One day we ate lunch at the Sci-Fi Dine-In Theater in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Although we were wearing our ears and our buttons, we didn’t get any special treatment, not even a “Congratulations” from the CMs. We thought that was odd. But everyone was nice otherwise.

    Dinner at Jiko in the Animal Kingdom Lodge was another story. My husband and I arrived minus our bride and groom ears, but still wearing our honeymoon buttons very conspicuously. We were taken into a small private dining room, which we later found out was an exclusive area called the Wine Room. An African CM gave us a “congratulations” greeting card signed by the Jiko staff. As soon as we were seated, our waitress brought three bottles of wine and six glasses to our table for a wine tasting. We selected our favorite and ordered a fabulous dinner. All of this was probably due to noting that we were honeymooning when I made the dinner reservations.

    Chefs de France in Epcot was another fun meal. A waitress wheeled a cart over to our table that had a tray with a big silver domed lid. She took off the lid and there was Remy from Ratatouille! He started squeaking in my direction and was admonished by the waitress: “Stop flirting with the bride!”

    The Polynesian Resort provided us with two romantic experiences. One day, while we were at the Magic Kingdom, it began raining. It soon turned into a tropical downpour. We took the monorail to the Poly, where we sat by the window in the Tambu Lounge sipping drinks served in hollowed-out pineapples and watching the rain fall on the palm trees outside.

    Our other nice Polynesian experience was the night we watched Wishes from the beach. We got some yummy tropical drinks from the pool bar, grabbed a couple of chaise longues, and headed down the beach to find a quiet area away from the crowds. Although it’s harder to hear the piped-in music from the fireworks when you’re away from the pool, it’s darker and quieter, thus a lot more romantic.

    One night, we took a boat from POR to Downtown Disney. It had been raining earlier and there was a lovely, slightly spooky mist all around us as we floated past the Treehouse Villas.

    The Disney World parks are beautiful at night and perfect for a romantic stroll. We took a lazy walk around the world in Epcot, gazed at the twinkling castle in the Magic Kingdom, and browsed the shops in Downtown Disney, which is also pretty after dark.

    There are so many other things to do on a Disney honeymoon. This report just scratches the surface. You can get a couples’ massage at the Grand Floridian, horseback ride at Fort Wilderness, watch Disney movies under the stars on a resort beach, go up in a hot air balloon, take a specialty cruise, catch a performance of La Nouba in Downtown Disney, watch the street performers at night on the Boardwalk, or just relax by the pool.

    Screaming on the Tower of Terror, competing on Toy Story Mania, huddling on a Doom Buggy in the Haunted Mansion, spinning yourselves silly on the Mad Tea Party…even the rides can be romantic!

    You can find the Disney Honeymoon Registry at
    Disney's Honeymoon Registry
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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    We did our 1 yr anniv there and will be doing our 10th in nov. You are so right about having it noted. Love what they did for you at jiko. We havent eaten there, might have to add it to the list.

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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    Sounds amazing!! I plan to renew our vows at 10 years in WDW!!! If I can talk the hubby to go back (he is not a fan of crowds at all). That will be in 7 years so maybe by then I can talk him into it.
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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    I love your honeymoon trip report it sounded amazing we have never been to jiko but maybe that would be a great place to go! Thanks for Sharing!
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    I recently created my honeymoon registry. So excited. We are doing a few days in Disney and then a Disney cruise. So many people look confused when I tell them we are doing Disney for our honeymoon, Thanks for the report and the reminder that we aren't the only Disney fanatics out there!
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    Quote Originally Posted by cbate717
    So many people look confused when I tell them we are doing Disney for our honeymoon,!
    Lol! I know what you mean. We had people try to talk us out of it! They don't realize that it can be a romantic place if you know the right things to do.

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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    We had the same thing!!! We did a Disney cruise for our honeymoon and so many people didn't understand why in the world we would want to be on a "kiddie" cruise for our honeymoon. Oh if they only knew.......it was SO much better than that, and the Disney registry for on board the ship was excellent!!!

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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    What amazing things to look into... my husband and I had planned a wedding and it got bumped due to my sons deployment to Iraq. (He made it home 1 year and 3 days after he deployed). So now my husband wants to take me to WDW in Oct to celebrate our 2 year anniversary by exchanging our vows on our "real" wedding date. This would be an amazing way to enjoy the whole experience.

    And Congratulations!!
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    My husband and i are going to spend our first anniversary in disneyland, ca. Taking our boys their for the first time also. In june staying at the castle inn is that a good hotel... Alls i have to get is hopper passes and we are so their.... Yea

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    We had our honeymoon there in April 2011 (and yes did get a few strange looks/comments). It was my first time...and loved it so much that back again in August for our 2nd wedding anniversary! Eating at California grill on anniversary night at 9:00 so we can watch the fireworks at 10:00 xxx

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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    Congrats, you must have been so happy!
    I might go to Disney next week!

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    Sounds like you had the most AMAZING Honeymoon! CONGRATULATIONS! 8:0) XXX

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    That's awesome!! It's nice to know there are several people who wanna go to Disney for there Honeymoon. We are doing the same. We are getting married Oct 18, 2012 and leaving the next day for a week at Walt Disney World!! I can't wait!!

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    Back when I had my honeymoon I went to universal. If I could change anything it would have been to get tickets to Disney also. I guess I'm making it up now with Disney annual passes and enjoying Disney with the family

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    Re: Mission: Honeymoon!

    me and my wife went on our honeymoon we loved it, and we got hats saying our names, that we got married i remember the morning of our honey moon that mickey and mini mouse called and said happy honeymoon and there glad we spend our honey moon there
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    I was small when we went these years
    I was 8 years old when i start remebering more
    im 21 now in 2011 me and my wife start going alone.

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