The Magic, the Memories, and You! By That's so Raven
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    The Magic, the Memories, and You! By That's so Raven

    Mission Disney: The Magic, the Memories, and You!

    By That's so Raven

    The Magic, the Memories, and You is a new light projection show that premiered at both WDW and DLR in January of 2011. It takes place 10 minutes before Wishes on the front and sides of Cinderella Castle.

    I was really excited to see this show after hearing about it from a co-worker that had just came back from her WDW vacation. Ok so I cheated and watched it on YouTube before I went, so I would know where to stand. After much thought, I decided not to stand directly in front of the castle because I didn't want to stand in a tight crowd where I could barely move. I headed for the bridge between the castle and Liberty Square. No one was even thinking of standing there, so I parked myself in the spot with the best view.

    Now on to the show. First let me say it was one of the most ambitious and amazing things I have ever seen. The show is composed of pictures that have been taken that day by the photopass photographers and videos and photos that were sent in online to Disney for the Let the Memories Begin campaign. The pictures and videos are set to the "Let the Memories Begin" theme song along with some Disney classics and attraction songs. The pictures, videos, and lights appear with perfect timing to the music.
    Overall it was a very beautiful show that was more about the lights on the castle than the pictures. I hardly even looked at those. I was too amazed by the castle lighting up. There were Mickey heads, what looked like vines and flowers growing up the side, suitcases, it's a small world, Buzz Lightyear, fire, and something that made the castle looked colored in by crayons just to name some of the things that happened.

    Everyone should check it out at least once cause it simply is one of the best shows that Disney has ever created. It plays at least once a night and twice on longer nights.

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    This was one of the most amazing things I saw at disney-with this wishes and fantasmic-I never stopped saying wow!!! xxx

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    I missed the special valentines theme yesterday
    Maybe tonight they'll have it. I'll have to ask.
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    Re: The Magic, the Memories, and You! By That's so Raven

    This was the best surprise on my trip in 2011! I had not heard about the show, and the last time I had visited WDW was in 2009 when the show hadn't even been created. Imagine my delight when I thought I was waiting for Wishes to start and the Magic, the Memories, and You show began. I was in awe! Can't wait to see it again!
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