Hong Kong Disneyland Opens 'Toy Story Land' Attraction
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    Hong Kong Disneyland Opens 'Toy Story Land' Attraction

    Hong Kong Disneyland Opens 'Toy Story Land' Attraction

    The park, which has underperformed expectations, hopes that the first part of an expansion plans and two future steps will boost business.

    NEW YORK - The Hong Kong Disneyland theme park on Thursday opened Toy Story Land, a new attraction based on the movie trilogy, Reuters reported.

    It marks the first phase of a three-step expansion that will cost $468 million and expand the park by 23 percent by 2013 and boost the number of attractions and shows to more than 100, it said. The hope is that the expansion will boost business at the park, which has underperformed expectations since its opening in 2005.

    "We believe it will be a strong boost in terms of business," Reuters quoted Andrew Kam, Disneyland managing director, as saying about the expansion. "I'm really happy about that too, because not only does it bring business to Hong Kong Disneyland, it actually creates demand for tourism to Hong Kong."

    Toy Story Land is situated in a space that makes guests feel as if they have been shrunk to the size of a toy, Reuters reported. Among its attractions is an 80-foot "Toy Soldier Parachute Drop."

    Over the next two years, the park will add "Grizzly Gulch" and "Mystic Point" theme areas, according to the report.

    The theme park's performance has been difficult to gauge given Disney owns a minority stake, while Hong Kong owns a 52 percent stake. But last year, the park was reported to have made a loss of $169.4 million in 2009, while attracting 4.6 million visitors. The Hong Kong government expressed disappointment, calling for improvement, Reuters said.
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    Let's hope it boosts guest numbers as HKDL deserves to do well.
    It maybe tiny but it certainly has alot of charm and great cast!
    Definately looking Forward to the other 2 expansion projects!

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    We love hong kong Disneyland we have just returned from there and missed the opening of the toy story area by a few days. We were lucky enough to be guests of the park whilst there and we hope that our next trip to Disney will be just as special, this time we plan to go to the original park in Anaheim and with luck take our grandchildren it is true what they say Disney is fun for kids of all ages even us older folk lol

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    Cool glad you enjoyed it,it's a tiny park but it's alot of fun n has sum amazing cast members.
    How was the new toy storyland? I quite like the new RC racer!
    My last trip there was jan for Chinese new year.

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    Re: Hong Kong Disneyland Opens 'Toy Story Land' Attraction

    We were there for Chinese New Years a couple years ago. It was alright. We thought it was like Disney-Lite. Not enough rides. I don't think we'd head back there until the whole expansion is done. Too bad you missed part of it. Glad you had fun though. Have fun in Anaheim, my old stomping ground. You'll have to let us know how you like it. If you need any advice, just let me know.

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