WDW Refubs and Closings Nov. 2011
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    WDW Refubs and Closings Nov. 2011


    Magnolia Bend Leisure Pool near Buildings 90/95 (Port Orleans-Riverside Resort) closed through 11/19/11 for refurbishment.

    Swiss Family Treehouse (Magic Kingdom) closed through 11/19/11 for refurbishment.

    Osprey Ridge Golf Course closed through 11/23/11 and on 12/25/11 for refurbishment.

    Blizzard Beach closed through 12/3/11 for annual refurbishment.

    Yakitori House (Epcot) closed through 12/15/11 for refurbishment.

    Grand Floridian Spa (Grand Floridian Resort) closed through mid-2013 due to construction at the resort. The Grand Floridian Fitness Center will remain open and guests may use The Spa at Saratoga Springs Resort.


    Magnolia Golf Course closed 11/28/11-12/7/11 for refurbishment.

    Typhoon Lagoon closed 12/4/11-3/17/12 for annual refurbishment.

    Oak Trail Golf Course closed 12/8/11-12/16/11 for refurbishment.

    Lake Buena Vista Golf Course closed 12/25/11 for refurbishment.

    Beach Sand Renourishment (Polynesian Resort) 1/4/12-1/16/12; only portions of the beach will be closed at any one time.

    Plaza Ice Cream Parlor (Magic Kingdom) closed 1/4/12-3/27/12 for refurbishment.

    Tutto Italia Restaurant (Epcot) closed 1/7/12-4/30/12 for refurbishment.

    Fantasmic! (Hollywood Studios) closed 1/9/12-2/12/12.

    Dumbo the Flying Elephant (Magic Kingdom) closed 1/9/12-2/17/12 for refurbishment and move to Storybook Circus.

    Big Thunder Mountain Railroad (Magic Kingdom) closed 1/9/12-5/27/12 for refurbishment.
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    Re: WDW Refubs and Closings Nov. 2011

    None of that will affect my upcoming trip!

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