Story of oswald!
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    Story of oswald!

    So very long ago walts first character oswald the bunny was his favorite character but then the new character came along which is now mickey mouse and now in the game epic Mickey Oswald is out to get Mickey for stealing the spotlight

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    Re: Story of oswald!

    Hold on to all loose items, we are moving this thread to the Disney gadgets and gizmos forum.
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    Wow, this thread is technically quite old but I'm new so here's what I can add. Oswald was created by Walt Disney in conjuction with a man named Charles Mintz. (Sound familiar?) Mintz eventually left to work with Universal and took the rights to Oswald with him, along with a ton of Disney's animators. This led to the creation of Mickey Mouse! forward to our day. Disney/ABC/ESPN had the rights to sports broadcaster Al Michaels. NBC wanted to use him for their football coverage. Disney said to let Michaels out of his contract they wanted Oswald back. So yes, Oswald was acquired via "trade".
    Disney also took a shot at Mintz by creating "Charles Muntz" in "Up". Notice that he's a guy obsessed with people taking what he thinks belongs to him?

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