LEGOLAND Florida Update
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    LEGOLAND Florida Update

    Hello, and welcome to a new LEGOLAND Florida picture-update, filled with lots of minor (but still important) news and additions to report. As usual, we don't like to waste time, so let's start right away!: Thanks OTPN for the photos!

    As you may have noticed from the first photo, the LEGO Southern Belle is gone. It is now located inside the park (you will see her later). Let's continue:

    An attempt to an artistic shot:

    The park is quiet now:

    Very quiet:

    The Market Restaurant:

    Inside, some new signs have been installed:

    Each of them clearly states what you will be able to find in a certain area of the restaurant:


    The more I visit the LEGO Factory, the more it looks delusional to me:

    A new sign advertises the "Pick-A-Brick" shop located inside the LEGO Factory:

    The Grand Carousel:

    A new play area has been placed inside the queue of the carousel:

    The Conservatorium is slated to open later this year:

    A peek inside:

    Going to Miniland:

    Some new mechanisms have been installed in the St. Augustine area of Miniland:

    They are hidden in a quite strange way:

    Young guests will soon be able to test these new special effects:

    The moving ship in the "Pirates Cove" area of Miniland is having a few technical issues:

    Moving on:

    This beautiful waterfall is in need of a rehab:


    On a positive note, we have noticed a lot more benches around the park. That's a good move:

    It's time to visit the pirates:

    New speakers have been added near the beach, so that people on the grass can also see (and hear) the show:

    The show times of the "The Battle for Brickbeard's Bounty" show were slightly different than usual, so LEGOLAND put out an official sign which is... well, not-so-official:

    Notice the attached pieces of paper:

    The Extreme Zone shop has a new logo:

    As you can see, the LEGO Southern Belle that was previously placed near the park's entrance now "greets" guests just outside the Cypress Gardens area of the park:

    Some nice flowers have also been added near the base of the new sign:

    This new sign is without any doubt a great tribute to the gardens (and to the former name of the park):

    Inside the gardens area, we have noticed that the broken tiles have still not been replaced:

    The gorgeous landscaping of the area need no further comments. Nature speaks for itself:

    The majestic Banyan Tree:

    The new waterpark will open soon, but some sections of the water slides are still sitting in the backstage of the park:

    Moving on to the Imagination Zone, we noticed that some new walls have popped-up near what may finally become the "LEGOLAND Clubhouse:

    A peek inside:

    You can notice some new posters:

    The two entrances to this small building have now two new names:


    ...and IMAGINATION II:

    Here are the walls we mentioned before:

    Will they enclose also this section? Maybe, we don't know:

    The new I-Zone Panini shop is now open! We will post pictures of the interior of this new restaurant at a latter time (in the meantime, check out the pictures over at

    These small drop towers are still without a real theme:

    This giraffe is OK:

    This is not. This black pole in the middle bothers me immensely:

    Around the great LEGO City:

    One side of the LEGO Rescue Academy was not operating:

    The other side was open:

    The LEGO Driving school is one of the most popular rides of the park:

    The Coastersaurus is a truly great attraction:

    The theming is also very nice:

    In LEGO Kingdoms, The Dragon Coaster now has a place were guests HAVE to put their cameras, purses, etc. (if they have one). Before, you were allowed to bring these items with you on the ride. Not anymore:

    Moving over to DUPLO land:

    We are not sure, but this lamp might be new (we have not noticed it before):

    There's a lot of room in here. I would like to see a small puppet theater in here:

    Some unusual palm trees...

    The DUPLO Farm:

    Some new posters have been placed inside the structure:

    And this concludes this update. Thanks as usual for sticking with us and have a great day!
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