Injured right before a WDW trip?
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    Injured right before a WDW trip?

    Has anyone ever injured a foot or leg right before a WDW trip? How did you handle the parks?

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    My mother broke her leg right before a trip. When we were at the hospital we mentioned how bummed we were because we love splash. The doctor gave her a water proof cast. This was 15 years ago so idk if they are all water proof now. We had a blast though got to the front of all the lines

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    Re: Injured right before a WDW trip?

    I had a back surgery 9 months before going to WDW and I did very well of course I had all of my meds and I bought myself those nike flip flops with the memory foam type of stuff on the insole but it was comfortable to wear them everyday there i had less trouble in WDW then I still have daily at home after almost 2 years since surgery! here is to praying the nerve damage doesn't last my entire life (an auto accident in 2008) someone didn't look before the pulled onto the highway : (

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    I've never had this happen and prayerfully I won't before this trip!!

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    Re: Injured right before a WDW trip?

    Disney will accommodate whatever your needs are, if your injury is not visible I would suggest get a doctors note. Have your doctor state how long he has been treacting you, what special needs you may need, ie, can't stand or walk great distances, can't tollerate direct sun.etc.

    You will need to stop by Guest Services to see if you can benefit from a GAC card. This is NOT a pass to the front of the line, but it will provide you alternative queue options.

    Alwasy rent a wheelchair off property, you will have it with you through the resorts and parks, you may find Disney has rtun out of wheelchairs as many people want them.

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