Hello to all.
I see we have many new members that are signing up everyday. Because of that I also see the need to point out some of our rules. This will also apply to some of our longtime members who forgot.

First off here is a link to all of our rules.


Signatures have been a problem lately. Members can only have 7 lines of text, this includes the empty space in between. No pics or links are allowed.

Many of the new members have come on the site to sell something. This is a quick way to be banned.

Avatars must be Disney related. Personal Pics are not allowed.

Member's names cannot be an e-mail address. These accounts will be closed.

Please try a search for some of your questions. We more than likely have ongoing threads on the topic.

Please don't be upset if we move your thread to the proper forum. It is our job to do this. ( most members have been very understanding about this.)

If you would like to introduce yourself please start your own thread. It is a rude practice to take over anothers welcome. You will also find you will get many more replies that way!

Thank you for taking the time to read this.

Mickey Crazy