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    I think they're all just urban myths. I have a hard time believing in anything supernatural, although I wish I could contact certain people who have passed on because I miss them so much. Still, hundreds of doll eyes watching me in the dark is just plain creepy!

    If there really were ghosts at WDW, another great place for them to hang out is the Enchanted Tiki Room. And that's another place where there are creepy eyes watching you (the wall tikis)! Resort-wise, the Port Orleans resorts would be the best place for ghosts.

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    Re: Ghosts at disney

    And that Orange- tan blob at the magic kingdom is disturbing!
    If I may ask, what orange-tan blob? I have heard from some cast members, that Walt's apartment above the firehouse in WDW is haunted by Walt. And now, after reading this forum, I will be looking for a child on POTC!
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    : 0 little scared now. Haha I want look more into now
    I was small when we went these years
    I was 8 years old when i start remebering more
    im 21 now in 2011 me and my wife start going alone.

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    Re: Ghosts at disney

    ive heard of disney ghosts but ive never seen them!!!
    Peter Pan is AWESOME!

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