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    Re: pop century

    Yes! I agree, it's a great resort. Art of Animation is one of my favorites too! Really cool themed decor there.

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    Yes! I agree, it's a great resort. Art of Animation is one of my favorites too! Really cool themed decor there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by englanddg View Post
    The resort hotels (including Pop) are quite used to people arriving at all hours of the day / night.

    All you have to do is call Disney Reservations and tell them your expected arrival time. They'll most likely have a room ready for you.

    Also, don't forget to do the online check in the day prior.

    If you are truly concerned, it certainly wouldn't hurt to call the hotel front desk a few days before and a few hours before your arrival to be sure they are fully aware when you are arriving and confirm they have a room available (they most likely will).

    The Front Desk phone number is:

    The last 2 times we arrived our room wasn't ready untill after 5pm. All other trips we arrived and got a room before noon. I will call and see what they say. I just want a shower after an over night train ride before I hit the parks.
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    We arrived at 5:45am and were given a room at pop century. This was november 29, 2013

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    Re: Pop Century is the best

    prefer all star resorts because they are closer together... but love the theming of pop a lot

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    I normally stay at a deluxe resort, being a member of dvc. This summer was my first time staying at Pop Century and I love it was much as a deluxe resort! Pop is every bit as much fun as others like the boardwalk and bay lake. I love the food court, especially the rainbow cheesecake, I bought 5 and stocked them up in the mini fridge in the room I stayed in the 70's building, and it was a great walking distance to everything. Overall, Pop is one of the most fun places to be!

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    We are at Pop now having a wonderful time! 😍

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    Have a magical time! We always stay at POP and love it. Next weekend I'll be across the lake at AOA.
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    Re: Pop Century is the best

    We love POP everything about it is fun and the bus situation is the best of the ones we have tried.

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