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    Food :)

    I have no idea what are the best places to eat at in the Disneyland and California Adventure parks! So restaurant recommendations and food recommendations would be awesome! ) Thankss

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    I'm a pro at this one!!! I will be back at DL in early June!

    Corndog - at the little red wagon on main street

    There's quick service right next to the red wagon that has an amazing fried chicken dinner.

    Broccoli and Cheddar bread bowls at the shack by splash.

    We never have time for sitting down so we just grab and go!

    However we always make time for Napa Rose

    DTD would probably have a good selection for sit down!

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    There are so many fun places to eat at Disneyland and California Adventure, impossible to visit them all on one visit!!

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    I love to eat at the plaza inn on Main Street!! It has amazing chicken, pasta, and yummy desserts! We sit outside to watch the fireworks every year

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    DTD has great food too!
    Naples restaurant has amazing pizza. Rainforest has a great menu and a wide variety of choices. In the grand Californian hotel, try white water snacks. The prices are reasonable and it's such a cute place. I always go there. Tomorrow land pizza port has good salads and pizza, of course. If you have the privilege of knowing someone who can get you in club 33, then go for it. It's pricey but the place is amazing!! I've been there for lunch and dinner a few times and its gorgeous. I never miss Taste Pilots Grill in condor flats in California adventures. Best food! Always eat there on my stay.

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    Best place to eat in Disneyland?

    I know everyone has different tastes. But I want to know where's everyone's favorite place to eat at Disneyland?

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    Steakhouse 55 at Disneyland Hotel. California grill at the Grand Californian Hotel is great, but a little too pricy for me. Of course there's Club 33, but that's not open to lowly park dwellers like me.

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    Re: Best place to eat in Disneyland?

    I like the Riverbelle for Mickey Mouse pancakes in the morning in New Orleans Square.

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    Bengal BBQ! The spicy beef skewer...I dream about that thing. Also, the dole whip stand. And for a fantastic CS dinner, you can't beat the fried chicken plate at Plaza Inn. Great food and an EXCELLENT value.

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    Re: Best place to eat in Disneyland?

    Biergarten! Being German I can attest to the authenticity of the food and oktoberfest like atmosphere (not like Busch Gardens who make fun of the culture more than actually presenting anything). And as we have no great German restaurants around here I am looking forward to having a meal there again.
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    Blue Bayou is my favorite place to eat at Disneyland. The (overpriced) food is very good and the service is usually very good as well but the main reason to eat here is the tables overlook the bayou on the Pirates of the Caribbean ride. Request a bayou side table and book the first day reservations open for a magical dining experience.

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    Re: Best place to eat in Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by ClassicDisney View Post
    I know everyone has different tastes. But I want to know where's everyone's favorite place to eat at Disneyland?
    To help with ideas, I've merged this question into our existing thread on the subject.
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    Re: Best place to eat in Disneyland?

    Quote Originally Posted by A-heim Boy View Post
    I like the Riverbelle for Mickey Mouse pancakes in the morning in New Orleans Square.
    Yay Mickey Pancakes It's still morning over here and I'm drooling over all this food!

    And all of the different food and restaurants sound wonderful! I can't wait to go to Disneyland one day! My husband and I has been wanting to go since we've never been!
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    We've been to DL 13 times and love Big Thunder BBQ Ranch. All you can eat, food served casually and quickly and the chicken is excellent. We also always go to rancho del zocalo for great Mexican and River belle terrace for really good turkey and roast beef. People mentioned plaza inn which I agree is good but would consider a less healthy option. Blue bayou is a really nice experience and a bit more formal. In California Adventure we really like Carthay Circle for a little more formal experience, there is also some really good Mediterranean cuisine at the garden walk near goofy's sky school.

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