Surprise! We're going to Disney World!
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    Surprise! We're going to Disney World!

    There is so much out there, regarding parents surprising their kids with a trip to Disney World.

    In 2008, we left on my stepson's 13th birthday. When we stopped for dinner that night, we presented him with a birthday card containing Disney dollars. Our four year old daughter's jaw dropped when she heard her brother exclaim, "We're going to Disney World!" (our one year old son was pretty much oblivious) That was our way of surprising the kids that year.

    Our aim, this coming November, is to make it as close to Disney World as we can without the kids finding out. They will be DD8 and DS6. I would love their first clue to be seeing the signs as we drive up to Pop Century, but I know that's hoping for a lot.

    How did you or are you going to surprise your kids?
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    Good luck, hope you can make it last as long as possible. Let us know if you were able to surprise them.
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    Re: Surprise! We're going to Disney World!

    How exciting!! Hope to hear a trip report!!

    Good luck on keeping it a secret! I never could do it very well, I was able to accomplish it once but It was really hard!
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    Re: Surprise! We're going to Disney World!

    I surprised someone once. I kept distracting him whenever I knew a Disney sign was coming up. If you're really careful about road signs, maybe the first thing they'll see is when you drive through the Disney arches. I think that's the best thing to see first.

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