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    Hi everyone, you guys were such a big help before the last trip that I thought I'd come back for some more advice.

    My fiancé and I are planning on having our honeymoon in Disney world. We aren't exactly rich, so some of the suites at the deluxe hotels are more than a little out of our range. We could probably afford the cheapest rooms at the contemporary or the grand Floridian, but I'm not sure if it's worth it. What do you guys think? What would you recommend room-wise, and everything else for that matter, for people who can't afford the nicest rooms?

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    If you like the contemporary, I think it would totally be worth it to stay at a wing!!! Animal kingdom lodge offers some great rates and okw and Saratoga . But me personally I would contemporary wing it if budget allowed for that type of special occasion. Either way, at moderates resort or deluxe I think you'll have a magical time at wdw on your honeymoon! Congrats you and enjoy your planning!
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    Re: Honeymoon

    We honeymooned at WDW a couple of years ago and stayed at POR. It's a beautiful, romantic resort. It's very affordable, too, which left us with more money to spend on signature restaurants.

    Also, they have new "Royal Rooms," which look pretty cool.

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    I'd go POR too. As CA says, it's a beautiful and romantic resort and shouldn't eat into your budget like the deluxe resorts do.

    By the way, I've moved this thread into the Weddings and Honeymoon forum where it's a better fit.
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