Parents Anniversary
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    Parents Anniversary

    Hi again everyone. The next trip we are planning to go on will also include my parents, and it will be their 25th anniversary. Is there anything cool I could have set up for them ahead of time? I'm not sure what Disney offers, so I thought I would come to the experts for advice. Thanks for the help.

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    They have free anniversary buttons you get at the parks guest relations and you can call Disney if staying on property for room decorating packages. Hope you have a magical time!
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    Re: Parents Anniversary

    There are aniversary pins you can get at the hotel front desk for them. there is also the Disney Florist that you can have a special arrangment for them delivered to the room. The florist also has gift baskets with wine and cheese that can also be deliverd to the room. Contact the hotel you are staying at and check with them, they can tell you some other things that they can do as well. Enjoy!
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    Re: Parents Anniversary

    Definitely get them to wear the anniversary buttons for the entire trip no matter where you go while on property.

    Also, here is a link to Disney's celebrations section of their website:

    Celebrating Love, Weddings, Anniversaries | Planning Advice | Walt Disney World Resort | Walt Disney World Resort

    And here is a link to a report I did for TD on honeymooning at WDW. Although much of it is about honeymoons, you can get some ideas from it, especially near the end of the article.

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