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    WDW International Program

    Hi there! Im from Brasil and I was a Cast Member in 2000. It was a wonderful experience! I worked at Magic Kingdom's Pecos Bill Tall Tale Inn Cafe in Frontierland. Is there anyone here who also was in the International program??

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    I am planning on becoming a cast member with the international program in 2014/2015 depending on how my holiday works out are they really good to work for?? And can you live off of the wage they give you?

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    Very cool my room mate worked in pecos bill!
    I did the international programme kinda twice as my first one was called autumn magic and I did 2months in attractions in magic kingdom.that was in sept 06.
    I then did my year in epcot from 07-08.
    I would certainly recommend it fantastic experience n fun plus great company n benefits.
    Just remember its very hard work the disney rules n conduct and pay is ok unless ya in a tipped position.

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