Hearing Aids and Touring
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    Hearing Aids and Touring

    in 2007, i remember on stitch, when he "spit"; i was nervous about getting my hearing aids wet so needless to say, will not do that again.
    Told DH that i wanted to do Mickey's Philharmagic and he pointed this out:

    Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 4-D film attraction found at the Magic Kingdom theme park ... Mickey's PhilharMagic is a 12-minute long show featuring 3D effects, scents, and WATER as well as a number of characters from Disney movies. It is shown on the largest purpose-built 3D screen ever made, at 150 feet wide. (from wikipedia)

    So my question is: do i need to worry about my hearing aids getting wet????

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    Re: Hearing Aids and Touring

    It's just a quick little spray of water. The most I ever got was a few drops. I bet you can ask a CM if there are certain seats in the theater that are out of the way of the spray.

    That theater has a system for the hard-of-hearing, too. It's a projection thing, I believe.

    Muppets has a little spray, too, if I remember correctly.

    Are your HA exposed or covered by your hair? You can always just put your hands over your ears right before the spray. It only happens once.

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    Depends on if it's summer or winter thanks Alice!

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    I have been wearing two hearing aids since I was three and have never had an issue during shows as, as previous people have said, the water is minimal spray and never gets near my aids. The only thing I tend to do when I am at Disney is take them out when I go on rides where I am likely to get very wet such as Splash Mountain. I also find it helps,to remove them on roller coasters as sometimes the force can actually loosen my aids and I am very wary that they may fall out!!


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