Rides for babies
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    Rides for babies

    Can anyone name some specific rides that we can take our 3 week old baby on?

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    Quote Originally Posted by woodynbuzz
    Can anyone name some specific rides that we can take our 3 week old baby on?

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    MK: Peter Pan, It's a Small World, haunted mansion, POTC, Carousel of Progress
    HS: GMR, Toy Story Mania (not sure you should though as it is kind of jerky)
    Epcot: nemo and friends, living with the land, maelstrom, grand fiesta boat ride
    AK: Safari

    I know there is more to do than that but I can't keep my eyes open, just wanted to give you a start. Also, remember anything you can't or don't want to take the baby on ask the CM as you enter the line for a switch pass. Then it works just like a FP.

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    Re: Rides for babies

    At which park,the World or the Land?
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    Quote Originally Posted by disneymama2000
    At which park,the World or the Land?
    The thread is in the WDW Theme Parks forum.

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    Maybe The Mad Tea Party! Because you could just spin around slowly it's not like you have to go really fast!

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    Definitely the Tomorrowland Transit Authority. Babies love the slow motion of it and you can generally ride it multiple times without getting off. Both quite conducive to feeding and napping.
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    Dumbo and the magic carpets would probably be ok too, especially if you are not making it go up and down. It essentially just spins slowly.
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    Tower of Terror!

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    Re: Rides for babies

    Confession time: I actually took my daughter to Disney at about a month. The thing she loved the most were the characters, we waited in quite a few lines and she absolutely loved them and got some amazing pictures. As far as rides, it depends on the infant but here are some of the ones I did:

    MK: TTA, Buzz Lightyear (liked all the colors), Carousel of Progress (used as a time to get in a feeding), Winnie the Pooh (brace for the bouncing), Dumbo, Small World, Peter Pan,Philharmagic (not if they're sensitive to loud noises though), Riverboat, Country Bears, Railroad, Tiki Room (again be careful if they're noise sensitive), Magic Carpets of Aladdin.

    Epcot: Spacship Earth (good for feeding or taking a nap), Finding Nemo, Living with the Land (ours loved this for some reason), Grand Fiesta Tour, all of the CircleVision movies in World Showcase and American Adventure (great for feeding and quiet enough for kids to get a nice long nap).

    Studios: Beauty and the Beast show, Animation Building (ours loved the characters in here maybe the most), Disney Junior Live on Stage (prepare to sit on the floor though).

    AK: Safaris, Rafiki's Planet Watch and train ride, all of the walking trails, Finding Nemo musical (a bit loud but ours loved it), Triceratops Spin.

    Those are just some suggestions, each kid is obviously a little different so you just kind of have to go according to them. If you have a question about a specific ride feel free to post it.
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    My boy loved living with the land too lol

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    Re: Rides for babies

    Quote Originally Posted by mickey_man View Post
    Tower of Terror!
    So I'm not sure that would go over too well for a 3 moth old..lol...Might be border line child abuse..lol...

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