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    Disney 2013

    Hi I'm Natalie I'll be going for the 6th time next november I know it's a while off but I'm taking my son who will be 7 then and the baby I'm currently pregnant with who will be 10 months ish if all goes text book with the pregnancy .. And 3 Disney virgins my auntie her partner and her little boy who will be 6

    We will be staying on I drive at the Rosen inn for 14 nights .. Has anyone else been with children of these ages?

    I'm nervous about the flight with a 10 month old

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    Congrats on baby no. 2! Heres wishing you guys a magical time on your upcoming trip!
    As far as the kids at Disney, I am pretty sure they will all enjoy their time there. I've been taking my babies since they were months old and we've enjoyed it.
    As far as the plane ride take a carry on with just activities and snacks for the kids. And equally important if not more the baby's favorites snacks, movies and toys. You should all do just fine. maybe a portable DVD player with their favorite movies incase the airplane movie is not to their liking.
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    Thank you I'm very much looking forward to having another little one .. Josh was good when I took him in february I took him when he was 18 months too and minus screaming the plane down on take of and landing because he had to be strapped onto our laps and he didn't like it he was a angel he slept the whole flight so hopefully we will be lucky .. I can't wait I'm so excited

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