MVMCP meet?
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Thread: MVMCP meet?

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    MVMCP meet?

    Is anyone going to the mvmcp between Dec 2-8 we would love to try and meet up with other td'ers and share some Christmas cheer

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    I would love too, but I'm going September 22nd- 27th. If any child-free couples or singles would like to meet up with my husband and I, we would also really like to meet some fellow TD'ers
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    Re: MVMCP meet?

    Sorry, we already left.... Would have loved it
    Looking forward to our Disney vacations

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    We (my DH, my DD5 and myself) will be at WDW from Dec3 thru Dec14, we are going to MVMCP on the 4 and 13.
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    We are going the 10th thru the 16th.

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