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    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderella14 View Post
    And also the only reason why i thought polynesian woukd be cool is cuz its her firsy time in disney and she loves hawaiian stuff. She also loves animals and the little mermaid so the animal kingdo lodge and art of animation are also options

    I've recently looked at prices for an early december trip (off season) for a family member.
    And for a 7 day ticket and standard room at the Polynesian is $4,466.74
    At animal kingdom lodge it would be $3430.58
    And at art of animation little mermaid room it would be $1690.24

    Obviously for busy season it will be more expensive. I had these written down so thought I'd share. Ticket prices could also go up again by the time you go.

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    You definitely have to be over 18 to go on any cruise with any cruise line without a parent/guardian.

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    O haha okay! Thanks again!

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    Re: Booking early

    Quote Originally Posted by Cinderella14 View Post
    O haha okay! Thanks again!
    If you are curious as to why, it's because you are not legally an adult at 17. In order to sign legally binding agreements (such as hotels require, and cover their liabilities, such as room damage rights, etc), they will not rent you a room without someone present (not just booking, but physically there) to take legal and financial responsibility for the rooms.

    What if they rent to the two of you at 17? Since you are both minors, if you tear up their room, they would have no civil litigation options, and would have to sue your parents, which wouldn't get very far, as the counsel representing your parents will state precedent after precedent where Disney shouldn't have rented to a minor, and by doing so has not only violated Innkeeper laws, but accepted responsibility for your actions. This could even lead to a counter-suit.

    There are further considerations, for Disney. For example, at 17, you cannot authorize your own medical treatment, etc. At 18, you can. In addition, being a minor, there is some case law that would default that Disney, once accepting you underage and on property with no guardian, is actually assuming responsibility / liability for you through their actions (similar to what happens when you go to a summer camp, which is why those are fraught with indemnification agreements).

    So, the answer is no. No cruise, no Disney trips, nothing, without someone in your party over 18 to take legal responsibility.

    As was previously mentioned, some hotels won't rent until you are 21 even. And many car rental agencies won't rent until you are 25, and will require a true credit card in your name (not a Debit Card).

    I wish you the best with your plans!
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