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    Your Top 10

    Hi Everyone,

    What are some of your favorite fun experiences, memories, or activities that you've had as adults in and around Disney? List your Top 10 Doesn't have to all be in the parks.

    Mine are:

    1. Riding the Thrill Rides with my boyfriend
    2. Eating at California Grill with a view of Wishes
    3. Staying at the Polynesian Resort with a view of the Castle
    4. Bar Hopping in World Showcase in Epcot
    5. Eating inside Cinderella Castle
    6. Having a drink at Mizner's in the Grand Floridian after a great day at Magic Kingdom
    7. Running through the rain in Magic Kingdom with my boyfriend Classic
    8. Watching Illuminations in the freezing cold after bar hopping ( a little tipsey)
    9. Riding the monorail to Epcot
    10. Spirit of Aloha Dinner Show
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    Re: Your Top 10

    Excellent thread!!

    I suspect mine may center around bars and restaurants. Here goes...

    1, An unplanned but very long evening (and night) at the River Roost at POR where we tried pretty much the entire cocktail list and spent the night singing and dancing (with everyone else in the bar) to a singer/guitarist.

    2, Riding the Tower of Terror with my mum for one of the first few times. I've no idea why but when the elevator plummeted, my mum stayed in the same place and rose out of her seat and we all dropped! I made a grab for her (in reality, the seat belt would have grabbed her before I did) and we hooted with laughter for the rest of the ride. We often laughed about it for years after too.

    3, An evening's drive home past Downtown Disney (we'd been to Cafe Tu-Tu Tango) in the warm evening air with the car roof down and Pink Floyd's The Wall blaring on WMMO. It all somehow seemed perfect!

    4, An evening spent by the side of the lagoon in Epcot's France. We stopped by for a glass of champagne but stayed for several as we'd managed to get a great table right against the wall on the lagoon edge. We popped to the Tangierine Cafe for something to eat and then ended up back at the same great table in France for chocolate ice cream and - yep - more champagne.

    We met some really fun ladies from Canada who were celebrating a birthday and had a great time with them.

    5, A hot air balloon trip over WDW (back in the day when you could fly over WDW) with my parents and best mate. We had a very early start, helped inflate the balloon and had an amazing flight, ending with champagne while we deflated and packed up the balloon before having a huge buffet breakfast on I-Drive.

    6, A late long lunch at the Studio Catering Company in MGM Studios (as it was back then) when we sat sipping cold beers and people watching. Nothing special happened other than quality time relaxing with my other half, chatting and laughing about nothing in particular.

    7, Running from our room to the POR food court in the pouring rain and then drinking coffee and then hot chocolate as it poured down outside. We had nothing to do other than chill out and chat.

    8, An unexpectedly long visit to the Il Mulino bar at the Swan. We popped in for a glass of wine to try it out for my Mission: Disney assignment report but then, as we were finishing our wine, a big storm broke so we ended up ordering a half bottle of prosecco (a nice dry Italian sparkling wine). "Sadly", they had run out of half bottles so we had to have a bottle. Shame!

    We loved Il Mulino and will definitely be back!

    9, Our Around the World Segway Tour at the World Showcase in Epcot. Loved it!

    10, Renting a pontoon boat (the biggest rental boat WDW has) at POR and taking it down the Sassagoula River to Downtown Disney, around the lake along the West Side and Pleasure Island shore line, past the Marketplace boat docks, back past Saratoga Springs and down to Old Key West before heading back past the Tree House Villas to POR.

    I love the trip down the river on the ferry but to do it ourselves, chilling in the sunshine on the sofa-style seats with a chilled bottle of Coke was just brilliant!
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    Mine are all at the Disneyland resort

    1) Watching the fireworks in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle with my husband, for the fist time together.

    2)Eating at Taste of pilots grill with my husband every time we goMy husband is a private pilot and enjoys flying for fun. So we have a great time eating inside a hanger.

    3)Walking in New Orleans square By far my favorite Disney themed area.

    4) Making Goofy faces on the rides that have Cameras.

    5) Riding Splash Mountain using the Single Rider pass 3 or 4 times in a row during the hottest part of the day.

    6)Electronica and the laser man

    7)Eating at least 2 corn dogs on our 4 day trip at the little Red Wagon on Main street.( best corn dog I've EVER eaten!)

    8)Saving up all out Fast Passes and using them all at once.( you can't do that anymore)

    9)Just being able to walk around the parks. I can't really walk anymore so I really miss that.

    10) A cm was blocking everyone off after fireworks so we snuck through a shop to get back to the rides before the crowds did. Some lady was causing a scene and created the perfect diversion for us.

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