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    The idea

    so i am not planing on going to wdw for a while now but sometime next year. but i have seen alot of post of people trying to meet up down at WDW and just talking. first i think its a great idea. talking to someone that loves the parks like you do and if you talk with the person alot on TD its such a great idea. for someone that hasn't done that before. what do you guys normally talk about? where do ya meet? what do ya do?
    -Coach Alec S

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    Winkster and I (and our SOs) met at Cava del Tequila in Mexico at Epcot in the afternoon for drinks. Although we've known each other for years online, it was both nerve-wracking and fantastic meeting in person. Later that day, we got together again at the bar at the Poly, then went to MK to watch the fireworks.

    We talked about our lives and Disney and, of course, gossiped about TD!

    We'll definitely meet up again in the future. So much fun!!!

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    I can second all of that!!
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    Re: The idea

    I always thought it would be cool to meet up with the TD folks. Like Winkster. My only concern is my wife and kid. They don't want to just sit and talk about it, they want to be moving and they want me with them. Totally understand since they don't get to hang out with me for long before I get pulled into work. I would still love to meet up one day. If someone suggest it and I'm there I'll do my best.

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    I would meet up too for a beer and a chat with my friends on here! We're there at Easter if anyone else is visiting? 8:0) XXX

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