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    I hate to say it, but July is peak time. You are gonna have a hard time getting your 2k per family goal, even if you stay off site...especially once you include dining and transportation.

    I'd seriously consider taking the kids out of school...a week long trip won't kill them academically, and family reunions, especially of this scope, are lifetime memories.
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    Yeah, I understand. I'm gonna see when everyone's spring/fall break (2013) is, and ask my mom when ours is, haha. And I'll try to do it then

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    Re: Planning a Family Reunion

    wow I am excited to see the answers to this. I am also planning a family reunion for about 45-50 as well. Although I have been to WDW many times, I have never planned a trip that large. Good luck with your plans. I do know that Disney gives you a cast member to assist you with the planning with groups of more than 8 I believe. My plan is to go during Sept/Oct time fram,yes I have to take the kids out of school but I do that on my family trips anyway. One of my favorite time to go is the Mickey Not So Scarry Halloween and it is value season so that is my recommendation
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