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    Re: Favorite Theme Park and Why.

    Quote Originally Posted by Parksfan1999 View Post
    Mine is EPCOT
    Reminder - Water Parks count as parks and so does Disney Quest
    I've merged this post into our existing thread asking the same question.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MINI Mouse

    In Epcot, around the World Showcase. Yeah, please bring it back
    When did they take out the parade? I don't remember there ever being one from the 4 times I've been,

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    Magic Kingdom! The original. Plus Space Mountain is awesome!

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    Magic Kingdom is my favorite! I think it's the castle that does it for me lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by david.spies71
    Magic Kingdom! The original. Plus Space Mountain is awesome!
    Best ride at magic kingdom hands down...for people who like roller coasters that is.

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    Favorite park at Disney World

    I like Magic Kingdom... A lot of memories from when I was younger, plus awesome rides!
    What is your favorite??

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    Favorite theme park?

    I can't decide Magic Kingdom or Hollywood Studios.

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    I like Magic Kingdom

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    That's a though choice, I'd say both

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    Re: Favorite theme park?

    I think all of the theme parks have their good points, as well as some draw backs. For my family, the Magic Kingdom is number 1, however, I think it is a close 2nd between E.P.C.O.T. and Hollywood Studios. For me personally, I am just happy being on property!
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    As I've gotten older my favorites have changed VERY drastically. I used to only like Magic Kingdom and MGM but as I've gotten older, the rides are less exciting (because I've been riding crazy rides since before i was tall enough to get on them! haha) and scenery becomes more beautiful so my old list was:
    1) MGM
    2) magic kingdom
    3) Epcot
    4) animal kingdom
    My new list:
    1) magic kingdom
    2) animal kingdom
    3) Epcot
    4) MGM

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    Ahah magic kingdom all the way!

    I think it's mainly because its the only place where people start randomly singing or skipping and it's totally acceptable!

    However, Epcot comes a pretty close second. There's nothing on this earth like it.

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    I love the Magic Kingdom because it was the first I visited with my sons and my mother. EPCOT is a close second though because my teenager lights up at the mention of it. Just being on property is magic for me though. All stress leave my body as soon as I see the arch.

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    Mine is Epcot. Just loved being there at Christmas time. I like all the parks. They each are unique and offer something special.

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    Magic Kingdom. Nothin' says Disney like the MK.

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