New menu item at DL?
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    New menu item at DL?

    I've heard rumors that beer & wine may possibly be added to some of the menus at DL. Has anyone else heard anything like this from a reputable source?

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    Re: New menu item at DL?

    Haven't heard anything about that for Anaheim. You can in Cal Adv but not in the original Disneyland (unless you're able to get into club 33). Maybe you're thinking of beer and wine being available in the Be Your Guest restaurant in the new Fantasyland in WDW. From what I hear that is the first time alcohol is to be served in the Magic Kingdom there. ??

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    Re: New menu item at DL?

    Thanks for sharing this information. Sounds really good..!!!
    Little mermaid

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    That is at WDW's Magic Kingdom's Be Our Guest Restaurant. They doesn't sell alcohol in the Disneyland park to the general public.

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