hair/makeup recommendations
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    hair/makeup recommendations

    Does anyone have hair and makeup reviews? Who did you use?

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    Re: hair/makeup recommendations

    I just use the normal everyday stuff which is mineral powder makeup products and as for my hair I just take all the items I use at home it all works out
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    Re: hair/makeup recommendations

    Just to clarify for our members, this thread is in the "Disney Weddings and Honeymoons" forum so I guess Cinderella01 is looking for recommendations for hair and make-up professionals.
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    That is correct. I was looking for professional reviews for ppl to do my hair and makeup for my wedding day.

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    I used candi ekstrom for my wedding in August. She is on the preferred vendors list. She unfortunately could not make it so she sent someone who works with her. I was satisfied but not all I had hoped for. I would recommend candi as long as she can definitely make it. She was about 180 for my hair and make up so not bad compared to some of the others.

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    Re: hair/makeup recommendations

    I saw there's a salon called Fairytale Hair and Makeup. I'm looking into airbrush makeup for my wedding and half up wavy hairstyle to go with a strapless fit and flare gown.
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    Yea i saw that too i was thinking of going with them because they got great reviews plus it fits in with the "fairytale wedding" ive never done airbrush so im not sure if that will work with my skin

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