Should we visit discovery cove?
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    Should we visit discovery cove?

    Visiting wdw in February with dh and ds7 ds6 ds3 and dd11 mths. Considering going to discovery cove and seaworld. Would you say it's worth it?

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    Re: Should we visit discovery cove?

    Seaworld - Yes!

    There's loads to do there and the surroundings are beautiful. There's lots of rides, some amazing animal attractions and plenty of shows, all of which are great for kids and adults.

    As for Discovery Cove, it's amazing for adults and kids old enough to chill out, snorkel with rays, float around a lazy river, chill out in the sun and, of course, swim with dolphins (although it's more of an interaction than a swim).

    I'm not sure about your younger kids and whether the high entry price would be worth it for them though.

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    I agree with Winkster. Seaworld does have a lot to offer. Feed the dolphins and stingrays, killer whale shows, animal shows, dolphin shows and seal shows. also has Beautiful shark aquarium. Seaworld has two great coasters and has a whole kids section with a first aid location and a baby center location.
    Discovery cove has to be a beautiful experience to be able to interact with mammals one on one.
    They also have a water park aquatica which is lots of fun too.
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    Re: Should we visit discovery cove?

    Seaworld and Discovery Cove are an absolute must for us during every trip. Seaworld has something for all ages to enjoy. We love Discovery Cove in the middle of our trip as a fab relaxation day. Not sure how fun it would be for your younger kids. Think you have to be 7 to swim with the dolphins. Also depends how good your kids are with fish. If they're a bit frightened then think the day at discovery cove would be a waste for them, particularly as it's so expensive.

    If you decide to go make sure you arrive as early as you can to make the most of your day. We always arrive at the crack of dawn and leave at the last breath. Early breakfast, early lunch and early dinner means you don't have any extra outgoings for the day so, since it's cheaper to visit in february, it might not work out that much more expensive than a normal day once you factor in all of the meals.

    Also, I don't think you can book online without at least one of your party booking a dolphin swim but if you phone them directly, it's not a problem.
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    Hi, we are looking to book discovery cove for our trip in December, if I book my tickets online in the uk it gives me a date window and price, does anyone know how I would actually book the date I wanted to visit, has anyone else done this before ??

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    We did decide to boom it after a lot of thought and I called up to do it rather than doing it online. It was a uk number that connected to USA and they were extremely helpful. 10 days till disney now and 20 days till discovery cove, really excited.

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