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    The Jolly Roger

    What can anyone tell me about this hotel??

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    Quote Originally Posted by donaldduck
    What can anyone tell me about this hotel??
    No sorry.The only non Disney hotel DH and I have ever stayed at was the best western Stovalls plus. We've gotten it for 76 a night on Expedia. It has free breakfast too. It's a good place to sleep and its clean and within walking distance from the park but I wouldn't hang out there. After staying at Grand Cal I don't think we'd ever stay off property at DL again though.

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    I stayed there my last trip and plan on staying there for my next. It's a 10-15 minute walk to the park depending on how fast you walk. It's also perfect if you just want a bed to sleep in at night. It's a great price and has an air conditioner in it. Showers work fine and it's just an average stay. It all depends on if you want something fancy or just a bed to sleep on when you're not at the park. I'm pretty sure it has a pool as well but like I said, we only spent time in the place sleeping since our entire day was at Disneyland.

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