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    Visiting in Feb

    I'm visiting feb 21-24 and was wondering what the crowds were like this time of year.

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    Re: Visiting in Feb

    Should be low. You will miss the Presidents week crowd by a week and Mardi Gras this year is very early. Should be nice. Just don't pack until it gets closer. We go at Mardi Gras and one year we left New Orleans with projected temperatures in Orlando of 70-75 degrees and we hit 50 ONCE!!! We froze...

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    February is a great time to go in my eyes. Low crowds and good temps. I would back a pair of jean and a light jacket incase it does get a little chilly at night.
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    That weekend may be a little busy. I believe the Princess Half Marathon happens around those dates this year.

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    The Princess Half Marathon is that weekend, but it is in Florida at WDW.

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    Thank you everyone.

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    Re: Visiting in Feb

    In Anaheim it shouldn't be too bad. Most the kiddies are back in school and there's not too much else to be a bother going around. As said, you're missing President's weekend by a week, so overall it should be pretty light to moderate crowds I would think.

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    Also just a reminder that dapper day (an unofficial even) is happening on February 24. Thousands are planning to come. You are welcome to dress up in your Sunday best and join in on the fun. Check out dapper for info. But be aware it may be busy that day!

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