MISSION: Disney Kennel
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    MISSION: Disney Kennel

    Best Friends Pet Care WDW Resort
    2510 Bonnet Creek Parkway
    Lake Buena Vista, FL. 32830
    Phone: 877-493-9738
    Fax: 203-840-5266

    First off, be sure to make a reservation ASAP. There is now only this kennel for all of WDW.

    Hours are Monday - Sunday one hour before park opening until one hour after park closing. If you come before or after posted hours, ring the doorbell, there is someone here 24/7. Check out is 12:00 noon.

    They board ALL animals except primates or venomous animals. All indoor areas are climate controlled. Prices for pocket pets start at $12.00 per day. Prices for cats are $23.00 and go up to $79.00 per day for the VIP Luxury Suites for dogs. They have discounts for WDW resort guests, AP holders, DVC members and AAA members. 2nd and 3rd dogs sharing a suite are 30% off. Potty walks are included. You can add for a fee playgroup, cuddle time, ice cream and bed time story. The VIP suite has a TV and webcam.

    There is a dog park and walk area where families can come visit and play. Toys are provided also a dogs only water play area.
    Besides boarding they also have daycare.

    All canine guests must have Rabies, DHPP and Bordetella. All feline guests must have rabies and FVRCP in written form. All bedding is provided, no outside bedding is permitted. However they can bring a blankie if they like. Food is provided or you can bring your own food and treats.

    Medicines will be given for a fee, but, shots will have to be given by the owner. There is also a full service grooming facility. Bathing, grooming, hair cut, pedicures, skin care and moisturizing treatments. They have a “Go Home Fresh” service ( bath before checkout) that I highly recommend.

    The facility was very well staffed with friendly, helpful people. It was also clean and smelled pretty good. The outside was well fenced and the lawn “picked up”. Their motto is “It’s best to stay with Friends!”

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    Thanks for the great mission! I had now idea these type of places exist.
    It's interesting to read how well these animals are taken care of.
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    Great mission report!

    Our dog doesn't get on with other dogs so kennels are out of the question - but it's really interesting to see how Disney does it!

    So did you leave a dog at the kennels?
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    Re: MISSION: Disney Kennel

    Quote Originally Posted by Winkster View Post
    Great mission report! So did you leave a dog at the kennels?
    Thank you.
    We went there our first day expecting to leave her there for MK day. But, we were able to change our ADRs at CP so we went back to FW and went for a walk with her. I wouldn't hesitate to leave a pet there from what I seen.

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    How cute! I'd love to be able to take my pooch with me on holiday but flights and all that
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    Re: MISSION: Disney Kennel

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