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    Hi this is my first mission report and very late for when I went to wdw at beginning of November last year so apologies if it isn't very in-depth.

    I will start with the restaurants that I had made advanced dining reservations with and then go through 'snack' based eating (you will also note that I'm not a massive foodie. Also before going on holiday I knew that I was going somewhere that is going to be very meat orientated! The big old U.S.A so knew this mission was going to be a toughy. So here are the ADRs.

    Day 1: Lunch at rainforest cafe. Arrived 45 mins early to the reservation I had made but they had easily seated me, ordered the rainforest Ricky which was lush and the rainforest natural burger,Swiss cheese and fries. Burger was mediocre until I hit the guacamole which was stuffed on top of the bun in the middle. There was a good selection of vegetarian options and they could substitute the meat for a 'natural' burger if you wished

    Day 4: yak and yeti lunch. Vege low mein gorgeous. Yak attack lush not much vege options but with Chinese/Asian based food i have always found that.

    Day 6: plaza restaurant. American based and slim on vege options I opted for the Tomato and mozzarella sandwich with fries very lovely and my cup of tea, brownie sundae and tap water.

    Now to the canteen/cafe at the resort bearing in mind what I said earlier about me not being a big foodie I really could not find anything for vegetarians apart from the basic pizza or the generic veg mushed up into a burger shape burger at the all star music resort which annoyed me quite a bit as although I am fussy with food I do also like to know there are options so I think disney really need to look into that.

    While I was wandering around the parks I stopped off at the quick dining restaurants and found there was a decent variety if you looked hard enough and had your wits about you say to speak the BBQ restaurant at magic kingdom is your generic meat loving BBQ so obviously don't hurt your poor little feet trekking there.

    And if you really love your Asian food there is a lovely vegetarian stall just off from the river rapids which do a great selection and also a pineapple filled with fruit! Epcot I trailed the whole place for somewhere to eat and there was nothing vegetarian wise apart from the Mexican quick dining restaurant sitting over the lake which I found to be gorgeous!

    All in all for a vegetarian going to WDW and knowing the 'problem' I was going to face I did really feel that they could up their game a little better on the dietary options for vegetarians but also that it was hanging loosely on the satisfactory line especially since they can more than likely afford these top notch chefs to spruce up some new ideas for vegetarians not just the meat lovers of us all.
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