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    This sounds so awesome! I hope my daughter and I will be able to do this when we go...to commemorate her first trip!

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    Re: Misson: Pick-A-Pearl in EPCOT

    Love this report! Great pictures, also. I am so excited to do this now!
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    Re: Misson: Pick-A-Pearl in EPCOT

    Awesome report, Now I will have to try this for my wife and see if we get something good.
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    Hi everyone! First poster here! My husband & u do this in the Japan Pavilion every trip! The pearls have 4 "colors" or hues pink, white, gold, grey/blue. Since DH is addicted to doing it we have been very lucky!

    I have a pink pearl pendant
    Gold tone pearl earrings
    White earl pendant
    Grey/ blue pearl ring
    White pearl Pin
    White pearl ring

    DD has gotten white pearl ring
    White pearl earrings
    White pearl pendant

    DD & I wear ours all the time & my last 2 items were gifts for my mom!

    We have a Sept trip & I'm thinking dangly earrings!
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    Hi I had so much fun with this experience last year I got a silver pear and the lady behind the counter claims that it is the most rare pearl your could get in the pool area! But though out the whole thing was the excitement and fun fuzzy feel

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    This is a great report and one of my favorite things to do me, my mom, and my little sister did it. My mom and I got pinkish pearls and then my little sister who didn't want to do it at first for not just one but two of the blue pearls. Overall a wonderful experience.

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    Re: Misson: Pick-A-Pearl in EPCOT

    Thanks for the positive feedback on my mission report. It just reminded me that I should sign up for another mission report during our upcoming December trip :-)
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